1. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Profiles Menu

    Introduction I prepared this extension under request of @RaynRayn. Being visual novels a genre mainly focused on the story, having a menu entirely dedicated to the characters is pretty common. Description An extension providing a simple Profiles Menu that displays each character's report card...
  2. kyuukyuu

    Artist joining the pack~

    Hey guys~  I've been with Reverie studios for awhile and work on the few projects as a parallax mapper and also an artist~  I do wish to open an art shop soon to get by TwT I've just recently got kicked out of school due to financial problems... and hope that my art might catch some of...
  3. JoePro

    [Joe Pro] Named Save Profiles

    class Named Save Profiles(version 1.0)     def Initialize:        Based on old RPG lore and legend, this script allows you to set apart each profile. No longer will your little bother's and sister's save slots get mix up        with yours! No longer will you come back to your game only to find...

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Just 80% of my motivation on game making lmao, anyone got tips on how to not be unmotivated?
I've signed up for a job training program for people with Asperger's Syndrome. I went to a "test run" today so they could see how well I did with simple jobs, and I amazed them. Most new people do it in 30+ minutes, while I finished in a mere 15 minutes. Gives me time to work on a screenplay for Studio MDHR...
People,I have seen that Someone from China/Chile and London is doing a Vaccine Against COVID-19.

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