1. DragonRose35

    Got a New Laptop and Now My RPG Maker is Bugged?

    Okay so... here's the deal. I got a new laptop about a month ago and was finally able to transfer all my files from the old one to this one. RPG Maker MV was among them. After going through the hassle of re-finding my product key, I booted RPG Maker up, started a new game file... and it works...
  2. CuddleFox

    What language was VX Ace programmed in?

    Everything's in the title. When I search on google, I find a lot of topics that talk about ruby but none of them know in which language the RPG Maker VX Ace software has been programmed?
  3. Aerosys

    Tool to display / edit all messages and vocab of a game?

    Hi all, so I wonder if there's a tool or program (not JS Plugin) to display all the messages of a RMMV project, including database items and system commands, so one can easily read through and re-write all Messages? If not, I would program it by myself. Regards Aero
  4. CluelessCat

    How to make gear add attacks?

    I had this idea where you can get special attacks from gear. Basically all gear comes from different sets, and you can wear 3 different pieces of gear (hat, shirt, shoes,). Each piece of gear has a mana consuming attack that goes along with it, giving you 3 special attacks at most. If you wear...
  5. rechronicle

    Anyone know what program is this?

    Hello! Recently I was looking for a program for composing music, and I found this from Dibur.moe. Does anyone know what is the name of the program? Just a little bit curious because it looks powerful enough to make any kind of music. xD Thank you
  6. Gender Scripting

    I want an rpg game where the player chooses to play as male or female. However, I am unsure how characters would refer to the character as male or female. For example, character's siblings talks about them (you the player) to other NPC; how do I make it where they refer to them as by your...
  7. _Shadow_

    FREE Authoring tool

    There is a time you wanna make a game, and the scenario is SO Huge and the characters SO deep, that a simple or even an enhanced text editor can't help you either. Many commercial products exist to help you out to write a novel, a game story or a script for a movie. And there is bibisco...
  8. Battle system setup advice

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not feel free to point me in the right direction. I am trying to figure out the best way to set this up for my game. I am wanting to have with the battle system to have a system similar to the more recent fire emblem game fire emblem awakening, with having...
  9. Enderdude

    MV is a great program!

    Hi everyone i have been using MV when it first came out on steam and all i have to say is it an amazing program. The character generator makes all the npcs look amazing. The UI to the program is a lot better then VX ace. I been messing with this program since I got it from first day. I mean I...
  10. AdamSkiDragon

    What's a good program to work on HUD skins with?

    I've got access to programs such as GIMP, Krita and (obviously) Paint. What do you guys use to craft the basic skins for your HUDs?
  11. EricRoyal

    IG Maker Do Not Start...

    YO, I am new in this site, and I already adapt to RPG Maker VX Ace, so I wanted to taste new spices. So, I start to Download IG Maker. I finishing the download successfully, and unzip all the necessary .zip files. And, I already installed IG Maker on my pc, But, After a Splash, IG Maker...
  12. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Anyone that knows a good free video-editing program?

    So anyone that can give me a tip on a good and free video editing program? I used to work with Sony vegas 11 but it seems like I have no license for it anymore. So anyone that can hint me towards something?
  13. taarna23

    RPG Maker Tileset Builder (Current Release: March 25, 2015)

    NEW: Now supports RPG Maker XP tiles to be used in VX Ace! Animations and autotiles placed on their appropriate tileset type will be automatically modified to work as animations and autotiles on VX Ace. Edit: Two fixes on the 25th - one to prevent a crash and one to prevent locking out of a...
  14. ThatMaestroGuy

    Extracting Instrumentals?

    Hello! So I sing and stuff. I was looking for the instrumentals of a particular song, and I know people on youtube are able to extract the instrumentals directly from video, but I've no idea how to do it. What program are they using? How are they removing (or greatly reducing) the voices in...
  15. Jxkl5

    What Program should I use?

    I want to make my own graphics, such as charecters and tilesets. What program should I use?
  16. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Monster Strength based on Party Level

    So, we are aiming to have monsters grow more powerful as the party's average level increases. What would be the best method of achieving this?
  17. ShadowFox

    Faceset joiner

    I have no idea where this is suppose to go, so I thought Ace Support would be a good place. If it is the wrong place then please, move this topic to the correct place. I am after a program, script, RPG Maker VX Ace Application, anything that would combine faces into facesets. Sprites as well...
  18. FestivePotato

    Battler/Enemy Generator? (VX ACE)

    I'm looking for an battler generator for VX Ace. I would think that's enough said.
  19. Laugilus

    Game Character Hub (Powerful chara maker for RPG Maker XP / VX (Ace))

    Introduction Hello everybody! I'm posting to introduce a brand new utility I have designed: Game Character Hub! Game Character Hub provides additional tools for RPG Maker or game design in general. It is a powerful character maker, for RPG Maker XP, VX (Ace), and even more! This utility is...
  20. Square-grid drawing program?

    Well basically i am trying to design my own sprites for a game i'm creating, but i have no luck whatsoever when i'm trying to create them,I have tried gimp,Photoshop,Paint,Sai, but i am just wondering if anyone knows a Drawing program that has like a square grid and you move the brush along the...

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