1. RMMZ Looking for a programmer to put ads in game

    I am looking for a programmer to create a plugin or whatever to be able to show ads (admob for example) in my RPG Maker game that I then export to Android and Play Store. I only need that because it would be the way to make money from gambling. This is not a priority but I would also be...
  2. JustinK

    FREE Harry Potter (and the Sorcerer's Stone) Game

    Hello there fellow RPG Makers! Like the title says I am looking for people who want to make a Harry Potter RPG Game with me. If you like Harry Potter, or just wizards and witches, read on and perhaps we will be working with each other very soon! As I am just starting out it is too much work to...
  3. Jonetsubara

    FREE Secrets Keep: Programmer Wanted!

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Synopsis: After a horrific murder at St.Garden University, Angela Parks, a second year Fine Arts and Illustration student, wakes up in an eerie and mysterious version of her school with no recollection as to how she got there or why. Except, she’s not alone. Ophelia...
  4. LilacFlower

    FREE Team Needed for "Dystopia"

    My name is Lila, and for the past two years I have been working on developing a concept which I believe would best come across as an RPG Maker game. I have many ideas, however to bring these ideas to life I will be needing a team, I cannot do such an ambitious project alone. What is Dystopia...
  5. Rates for hiring part time RPG MV programmers/"helpers"?

    I'm not putting this into the classified since I am not hiring currently, but simply wanting feedback. Long story short, my current plan for my ******* is if I reach my "Full Time Job" perk halfway in my college semester, I will be unable to work full time on the development since I can't just...
  6. rolytnz

    New Guy from NZ

    Hi Everyone, I've been a long time fan of RPG Maker since about RPG Maker 2000 when I was introduced to it by a relative. I aquired RPGMVXA through the Humble Bundle a while ago and have been struggling with a project. I have found one. In my internet travels I have found a few in-depth...
  7. XGuarden

    Hiea programmer

    I want to hire a programmer for create some script that do special event in the game. I dotn have that much money, but I can't do it myself. Where can I hire programmer.
  8. Programmer needed for Brain Damage game! Trade Negotiable

    I'm currently working on a game that explores the concepts of brain damage. The game is a 2D top down shooter with RPG elements and plays with the aforementioned concepts in the very gameplay as the player plays. Thus far, I've been coding it myself, but my skill set is primarily based around...
  9. Ace VII

    Altars of Fate -Chronicles of the Heaven's Crest- HD (Recruitment REBOOT)

    WORLD MAP       Elberia, a prosperous empire that rules over the continent of Sidonya. Together with the 2 kingdoms of it's alliance, Ravena a kingdom of elves, and Illiaveros, known for it's fine agricultural upraising. 9 years ago, these three kingdoms were...
  10. Detectivegame

    Project Talos Recruitment

    Introduction: Hi, my name is Franco.  I have worked on a couple of indie games as an illustrator and concept artist.  My most recent work involved working under a programmer in making a simple endless runner game called Super Beans.  After being immersed in game development, I wanted to get my...
  11. Demon God Démigra

    Seeking Programmer for External Bust/Sprite Generator Project

    ** I do hope this is in the right section. Please excuse the ignorance if not... I asked and someone suggested that it went here. ** Scope A fully functional, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing character graphics generator for use for games. Ambitiously speaking, I'd like for this to...
  12. Mystic Tales

    Mystic Tales!story/czvv  What is Mystic Tales? A proposed game that I have been dreaming to create since I was a kid.  I am 24 years old now and I am now looking to recruit members to form a team to make this game/story and reality.   The...
  13. Youchube

    Looking for Programmers/Scripters for Horror RPG

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for a programmer/scripter for my Horror RPG that is in development called Tear. It started off as a small demo on Game Maker that got pretty popular on deviantart so I'm remaking it using RPG Maker with better art, music and concept all together. I already...
  14. Flumbooze

    Project 0X

    Hi there! You're probably watching this thread because you're interested in game development, or because you're too curious. In any case, I am searching for some people that would like to develop a 2D RPG game with me. I do not have a name yet for the 'company' as I want that to be something...

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