1. kkupttown

    RMMV Book Item Log Feature

    I am making a game that includes collecting items. I was wondering if it is possible to make a sort of "Book" feature/graphic, in addition to inventory, to showcase and write about the items, but I am very new to RPGMaker MV, and I don't know where to start. I'm imagining it would take up the...
  2. Recover MP whenever you kill any enemy in a battle.

    Hi, I'm working on a fangame in MV, and I'm wondering if there's any way to program a feature where you recover something like 5 or 10 MP whenever you kill any enemy during a battle. Yes, this sort of feature also applies to normal attacks and even special attacks. I know it sounds strange...
  3. astrobunny

    RMXP Macademica (No Travel Game Jam)

    Macademica SYNOPSIS A group of adventurers stumble upon a mishap while approaching the final village on the way to the Outer Realms. One of their own has fallen into a hole, and they need to get him out so they can go to the village, resupply and continue on their adventure! Our hero finds...
  4. MonsterCatcher

    FREE Pokémon-like monster catching game set in Zelda-like world

    Set in a medieval fantasy world, players will explore wild areas and dungeons, catching enemy monsters and adding them to their team to use in and out of battle, trade items and monsters with other characters to build friendships, and solve puzzles. There’s the main town, plus five small wild...
  5. Doechano

    FREE please delete

    please delete
  6. Npc follow with command??

    I've been wanting to make a game with RMMV (i have the latest v) where the PC can call an NPC to them, specifically a parent call their child as if they had wandered off. The NPC wouldn't be a part of the party tho and would only walk to the players position and stay there until called again...
  7. Nilom

    Which is the better practice for long scripts?

    So, I use a lot of scripts in my game, that have more than the very limited 12 script lines. Now I wanted to know which of these two options is the better practice? Option A: Use a javascript shortener site, shorten the code to a single line and paste it into the script event command. And of...
  8. KChasm

    I'm definitely programming something wrong here, but for god's sake, what?

    So I've got a puzzle in my game wherein you place four cards in four picture frames (plus a fifth frame in the room over), and if you press a button in the next room and all the right cards are in the right picture frames, the door opens. Else, you die. Problem is, I'm doing...SOMETHING wrong...
  9. Gain Max HP When Skill kills Enemy?

    I want to open by apologizing for probably missing an important rule or putting this in the incorrect place, but nevertheless. My question revolves around how programming the damage formula works, I have a programmer background but being new to RPGMaker (Literally last night), I am still a bit...
  10. marbeltoast

    (Solved) Multiple actions, states, and programming eloquence

    Hey all! Fair warning: this one gets a little complicated. Using Yanfly's instant cast plugin, I have created a system where characters can do two things each turn: use a "quick skill", and perform their normal action. It should be noted that the turn ends if the player uses their normal...
  11. tvghost

    Horizontal map looping + events

    Using a horizontal loop scroll type for a map will result in events flickering for a split second (becoming transparent) no matter where they are on the map. Are there any workarounds to this? Flexibility is a bit limited with the use of parallax mapping/evented looping (placing transfers on...
  12. Annali

    Slides are doing problems to me ;; m ;;

    Long story short, the sliders look like that and I tried to play around with hotspots but it doesn't help; m ; can someone help me?
  13. Tools for Starting a Game Company

    I have compiled a list of software, utilities, and web sites for making an indie enterprise. The list is based on the startups I've been involved with, the most highly rated resource, and the most cost effective products to create the most valuable products and services available. There is a...
  14. Kino

    Node.js Require

    Node.js Require The "require" function is used often in Node.js applications. Node allows you to require modules from different files and use their content in other parts of your application. The "require" function also maintains a cache. Now, most would not touch the cache. But today, let's...
  15. Kino

    VSCode RPGMakerMV Intellisense [UPDATE - Sublime & Atom Support!]

    RPGMakerMV Intellisense These two files add intellisense to your RPGMakerMV code base when working with plugins, the base code, etc in Visual Studio Code. You can see every class available in the code base and the methods attached to them. Furthermore, you can even see the outputs of methods...
  16. Kino

    Functional Programming Part 3 - Immutability

    Functional Programming Part 3 - Immutability One rule of Functional Programming is immutability; this means that data of any kind can't be changed. Now, hold on before you throw Functional Programming out the window, let's remedy your concern; you can still operate on objects. Confused? Let's...
  17. Kino

    JavaScript: Things To Watch Out For

    JavaScript: Things To Watch Out For Today's post isn't about new techniques. Today we cover some things to be wary of in JavaScript. These include Function Hoisting, pass by value, scoping rules, and this. Function Hoisting Function hosting can be a problem. When you create a function without...
  18. nio kasgami

    MV Common Plugin Struct

    Introduction This thread have for unique purpose to share "common" reusable struct for MV new Plugin Manager. The idea behind is for the struct that can be used in multiple context. (e.g music, filename etc) For that it's all I have think you are free to share more idea for structure.
  19. Spoopy

    Running C within Ruby on Ace

    I'm still learning RPG Maker in my spare time, when I'm not busy with C++, OpenGL and SDL2. I was wondering if anyone has managed to run C within Ruby on Ace. The reason I ask is to try do some dirty hacks to run OpenGL or at least WebGL through Ruby on RM. It's only for experimental reasons...
  20. Cheah Hsun Teik

    Javascript in rpgmaker mv?

    I thought Javascript must be used inside html's script tag,but why  rpgmaker mv doesn't have a script tag or any tag in the source code?

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