1. mlogan

    January Goals & Progress Thread

      Happy New Year!! (almost)   2016 is almost upon us. How was 2015? Did you reach your goals? What do you hope to accomplish for 2016? We'd love to hear your plans for a brand new year!
  2. MeowFace

    Change Title Graphic based on Game Progress

    Made for a request here. This script is meant for games with only 1 save slot. It reads from the 1st save slot in the game to decide whether or not to change the title's graphic. Handy for those who wish to change their title graphic based on game progress the player is currently on. For...
  3. mlogan

    December Goals & Progress Thread

        Hey guys! Sorry, this month has gotten away from me, so I'm just getting this up!   I hope with all the busyness of the holiday season, we can all find some time to eek out a bit of productiveness here! But be sure to take time to enjoy the holiday season as well!
  4. Mr. Trivel

    Progress Title Screen

    Name: Progress Title Screen Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-26   What does it do? Changes title screen image according to highest game progress among the savefiles.   Screenshots: Nothing to really show here.   How to use? Setup plugin Parameter - Image List - with...
  5. mlogan

    November Goals & Progress Thread

        We're nearing the end of the year - a time to finish strong, despite the distractions of holidays and all.   What do you plan on accomplishing over the next couple of months to finish out 2015? Let us know what you wish to do and how it's going!
  6. mlogan

    October Goals & Progress Thread

        Happy birthday Goals and Progress Thread! Last October was the first monthly thread and I hope many of you have seen significant progress in the last year.   So then, let's get on with it for October!    
  7. mlogan

    September Goals & Progress Thread

          September already?!? Really? Yep, it's here!   If you're an oldie with us, you know what to do.   If you're not sure, this is a place for what the title says - to post what goals you want to accomplish this month and to have a place to track your progress. If you're feeling too shy to post...
  8. Schlangan

    August Goals & Progress Thread

    Since no thread for august has appeared yet, I decided to start one myself ^^ Are you ready for the last month of summer ? What do you plan to do ? How are you progressing ? We all want to know ! P.S. : Can a moderator pin the topic ? Thank you :D Credits to mlogan for the picture :)
  9. mlogan

    July Goals & Progress Thread

      Happy July all! Trying to get of a bit earlier start on this month than as of late. So when you're ready, jump in here, tell us what you hope to accomplish and let us know how it's going. Also, for anyone who might be wondering - I am planning on starting a special IGMC version over at...
  10. mlogan

    June Goals & Progress Thread

    Hey all! Once again another month has crept up on me! Go ahead and post away and I'll get the pretties up in a bit!
  11. mlogan

    May Goals & Progress Thread

      Hey all! Sorry this is coming at the last minute. I will get it all prettied up tomorrow, but here's the start for those eager to get a jump on the new month!
  12. mlogan

    April Goals & Progress Thread

          It's that time again! You know the drill - let's hear what you want to get done this month!   And thanks to the awesome Amysaurus for use of her jester chibi!
  13. mlogan

    March Goals & Progress Thread

          March is almost upon so it's time to start a new thread!! I don't know about you but the February Funk has gotten to me, so my biggest goal is to post in the goals/progress thread more often. Hopefully the weather will begin to thaw us all and help our frozen brains feel inspired to bloom...
  14. mlogan

    February Goals & Progress Thread

    Gonna go ahead and open this up so we can start thinking forward! Feel free to continue to post in the January thread for the next few days! I'm carrying over a couple of my goals from February and adding to my list. Game mechanics - get scripts and design first 10 levels Other - complete...
  15. VideoWizard

    January Goals & Progress Thread

    Looks like it's that time again- time for a new goals and progress thread! So it looks like January is up next. January can still be a tough little month with New Year's resolutions, post-holiday obligations, and of course the return to colleges and schools. On top of that, it is the coldest...
  16. Sahr

    Creating Temporarily Impassable Event Tiles

    So I'm pretty new to RPG maker and I use VX Ace. While working on a project, I tried to make a event tile that would push the player back a space, but after conditions are met, will let the player pass through. I managed to pull it off partially by making the event that pushes the player back...
  17. mlogan

    December Goals & Progress Thread

    I thought I would go ahead and get this up and started since it's close to the end of the month and I won't have computer access for the next couple of days. This thread is particularly meaningful for me because it was December 2013 that I came back to this forum after a long time away. When I...
  18. VideoWizard

    November Goals & Progress Thread

    Inspired by mlogan's October Goals & Progress Thread. November can be a bit of a tricky month with the leaves falling, graying skies, longer nights and the first snows, and for many of us, the first preparations for the holidays. There's also the infamous NaNoWriMo to contend with, too, but the...
  19. mlogan

    October Goals & Progress Thread

    I don't know about you guys, but I found the goals and progress thread for IGMC extremely helpful. So, I wanted to start something similar for the month of October. I've decided that during that month, I am finally going to crack open my IGMC game and polish it unti I can feel completely...
  20. Quest of a Life - Development [Beta Testing Phase]

    Hello,  Thank you very much for checking this thread and the game; I do appreciate it very much. This my first time participating in a competition and definitely my first time doing something like a log... so here it goes. Let's first start with a link of the demo itself...

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