1. mlogan

    IGMC: Daily goals/progress thread

    Since so many of us are finding motivation in posting our daily goals and updates of those goals in the status updates, I thought it might be nice to have a single place to post over the next few weeks. My goals for today are to continue to work on the puzzle I am creating. Progress with it is...
  2. Archeia

    Game Making Drive Feb 2014

    What is this? If you're reading this, you probably, most likely are making a game. We all read articles on game design, discuss game design, post our screenshots, and so on. However, the big issue with all of us is how much time we are working on our games and how much we get done in a certain...
  3. Silent Darkness

    Gradient progress bar

    I know this seems silly, but i'd like to request a set of progress bar graphics to put in my signature. A oval-shaped meter, with the filler being a gradient that goes from red to green, left to right. If anyone would help me with that, that would be great...thanks. so stupid.

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I'm finally back! :kaojoy:
A lot of RL issues happened this year which didn't let me work on Aithne as much, but I am back with new inspiration!
In that time my art style also changed a little, so I'll be doing a small art change with busts/menu art
Ops forgot to fix the hand on the weaponless sprite o_O
opening old GIMP files is a blessing and a curse because it can be fun to look at art you started once upon a time and want to finish BUT come to a total halt when you remember your past self forgot to create separate layers for most files
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