project development

  1. Faherya

    Downsizing a RPG Maker Project

    I don't know if this is the correct area to post this. I've been discussing with friends for a long time about ways to reduce the final size of projects in RPG Maker. I put together a small PDF with few but good solutions to this problem. These are just a few comments on best practices for...
  2. mar333

    FREE REQUEST Looking for Artists

    Hi! I'm rather new here, but I have this idea for a game. It is an RPG with elements of a visual novel. Anyone interested in helping shall be given a copy of the full game and a special version! Not sure if I'll commercialize it... My roles in this project? Coding - I am currently coding the...
  3. mlogan

    Changes to Projects Section

    Hi all! We have some changes coming to the Projects section of the forums that we wanted to let you know about in advance. To make things simpler, we are combining the Early Project Feedback and Project Development forums into one – Games in Development. Hopefully this will reduce some of the...
  4. Kraden96

    Evermore Chronicles - In search of Pixel Artist

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: A Western take on the classic JRPG formula. Evermore is an in development rpg maker game based on a deep routed story filled with a plethora of lore and things to learn about the world around you. The experience will heavily reward players that explore the...
  5. coticka

    Chasing Jimmy

    Created with RMVXACE.  DISCLAIMER! : I DO NOT reserve the rights nor do I own any music, scripts, tilesets, and character sheets that have been used in the creation of this game. The only files used in this game that I fully own is my own character artwork used for Austin, Gregory, and...
  6. tlbearer

    RMVXA Suikoden Ace

    Story: This game takes place 10 years after Suikoden III and takes place in Harmonia. Sasari has decided that he is tired of seeing non-humans treated as if they are not people and is taking the fight to the government. He was slowly forming a rebel army that the Hero comes into after her father...
  7. Bonkers

    Suggestion: New Requirements for "Completed Game" section

    It's gotten to the point where I can play a game in the completed game section that clearly isn't complete, due to technical issues or design flaws. If a game has bugs I can understand, even if they are game breaking; but there comes a point where the excuses run out. To take pressure off the...
  8. TheFroMofo

    What Lies Beyond

                             Please please test and give feedback. Your support is the only thing that keeps games like these alive! Happy playing!! :D   BETA Current Version ~~~V 0.6222~~~   Time to complete this version 4-6 hr + Version ends when you reach the Crossroads   DOWNLOAD HERE
  9. SweetiepieV

    The Luna Seal (Please Lock This Topic)

    The Luna Seal      Story Synopsis   This game focuses more on story than action therefore there will be cutscenes where there is just dialogue and not much else, some cutscenes will be kind of long so if this isn't your cup of tea then you might want to find another game thank you.   You play...
  10. LightofthedimVXA

    Light of the Dim VXA Needs a Scripting Partner!

    Light of the Dim VXA (project found here: needs a scripter or two to help develop the game. I am really good at eventing, photoshop, story flow, etc., but I can NOT script to save my life. I need some expertise...

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