project management

  1. Kupotepo

    Progress Measurement, Disaster, Hot Potato, and Downfall

    Hello, lovely people around here. :kaothx: Specification: How do you measure the progress of your project? If your game is commercial then, timing is important for your release strategy. If your game is non-commercial then, timing or any unit of measurement is just using to learn more about...
  2. Best order to create game components

    I had a lot of experience with RM2K3 like 10 years ago so I kind of know the basics, but all that scripting and customization stuff is new to me. I have a pretty solid idea in mind for a game, mainly the battle system, story, and enemy/item minutia. I know I want at least a custom menu and...
  3. Tsukihime

    Managing resource subfolders using hard links

    Originally posted at Hime Works Your project by default has a number of resource folders, stored in the Audio and Graphics folders such as Pictures, Battlers, BGM, and SE. However, if you have a large project, you may find yourself possibly having thousands of files in certain folders, making...

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