project recruitment

  1. FREE REQUEST Seeking Two Pairs of Drawing Hands...

    I have been Dillying a lot while debating over this subject. I have Dallied just as much. Unfortunately for me, I seem to have truly Hit a Barrier which I cannot Get Over on my own. I believe it is time for me to set aside plenty of my Pride and actually cough up a proper Recruitment Thread, or...
  2. LordTwibill

    FREE REQUEST Persona ᚱ - A Fan-Made Freeware Persona RPG Maker Game

    DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit fangame. All depictions of copyrighted content belongs rightfully to Atlus and Sega, and Team Clover does not own Persona, Shin Megami Tensei or any material used for this fangame. Please support the official release. Suffering comes from the minds of men...
  3. Artisticdog

    FREE REQUEST Recruitment for project dogquest, looking for all expericanced coders and artists. (Long term)

    Hello I have a project that may interest you. My game is supposed to have paper Mario mechanics (sort of) . I got the timing coded but can’t make the layout correct or improve the battle system because of my lack of coding. I have some posts on the story for the game but not really gameplay. I...
  4. tumsterfest

    TRADE REQUEST Avery's Reverie - Battles, Plugins, Animation, etc. - Flexible Arrangements

    Engine: RPG Maker MZ (If you have strong interest in committing to this project but don't have MZ, I'm open to providing it for you.) Synopsis (See Games in Development thread for full details.) Story: Tired of doing chores "literally" all the time (and literally tired from staying up past...
  5. rux


    Engine RPG Maker MV My position Story director, artist, map designer, project manager and...
  6. J-G

    FREE REQUEST Untold Tale Project Recruitment

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: The game will be based of the ff7 series, it will be told a bit more from Aeris point of view. Leading up to the point of her death. The player will be able to experience things never before this way. Even the possibility to save her by unlocking certain events...
  7. alcreator440

    TRADE REQUEST Searching For Playtesters

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Positions in need: Playtester My Position: Developer Hey RPG Fans, I'm searching for playtesters for my JRPG Rhythm game, Mana Raiders. This has an action packed battle system that eliminates standard rpg traits such as hitrate, evade rate, and critical rate for the...
  8. Mr.Chris

    FREE REQUEST Plane Crash Survival Game

    Hello, first off I'd like to say that this is not your typical rpg maker game lol. I am making a plane crash survival game on RPG Maker MV. --------------------------------- STORYLINE (so far) You get to name and create your own character. the game starts out in Alaska and you board a small...
  9. StudioSpiralDream

    RMMZ Studio Spiral Dream's "Killer Flamingo" Spriters, Combat Animation, Mappers, , Testers, VA etc.

    Hello! We are Studio Spiral Dream, an organization and Art Studio dedicated to helping artists of all kinds while also working on our own Projects. We are currently in need of some assistance with our RPG Maker Game, "Killer Flamingo" as only one of our members has the knowledge of the program...
  10. NikkiKaji

    Project Pokemon Luminous

    Hello fellow RPG Maker users! My name is NikkiKaji, but you can just call me Nikki. I'm somewhat new to RPG Maker XP, but have actually learned quite a bit from the people around here. So, now, i'm happy to announce that I am beginning my own project: Pokemon Luminous. Pokemon Luminous is a...

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So i was looking at Lufia The Legend Returns Mapping Style in GBC. the Players view is a 9x9 square. MV has a more modern pixel art. As long as the environment is comprehensible, this mapping style is still good.
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I realized recently since my game is still a turn based game, that something like the card game Yomi is a lot closer to what I should try to aim for combat wise. Should also help for those who don't really play fighting games to make things a bit easier to understand. ugh the struggles of trying to show love for my 2 favorite genres in 1 go lol.
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