1. [MV] Counter System with SRD ActiveDefenseCore & VE_ThrowableObjects

    In AlphaDreams' Mario & Luigi games, the player is able to dodge and counter attack via button prompts, When an enemy attacks directly, you jump to avoid and on to them as well When an enemy attacks using projectiles, you can deflect them using your weapons I've stated the plugins I'm using...
  2. SloppyJoeStudios

    Diagonal facing = Shoots event projectile diagonally?

    I am trying to make the player shoot a projectile(event) into the direction he faces. I have made it work for direction: Up, Left, Right, Down. But I can't make it work with if I face upperleft, upperright. lowerleft, lowerright. Have I made the event wrong? Would really appreciate some help...
  3. Runnyyy

    Help Creating Avoiding danger Puzzles

    HELLO I hope i'm in the right topic this time;; I'm trying so hard to figure out a simple mechanic: I want to have fireballs (or any projectile) continuously shoot from wall to wall, and if the Player touches the projectile, will be injured. (Player would need to time correctly when to move...
  4. definite_lee

    Galv's Map Projectiles + Altimit Pixel Movement

    Hello! I'm working on an action adventure rpg which relies heavily on Galv's Map Projectiles plugin for enemy and player attacks and Altimit Pixel Movement to handle pixel movement and collision boxes. Recently I have noticed that the projectiles created by Galv's plugin don't seem to respect...
  5. boyflea

    How do I limit the range of projectiles when using the Falcao Pearl system for RPG Maker VX Ace?

    Hi, I am brand new here and have been starting to play around with the wonderful RPG Maker VX Ace, (recently grabbed in a Steam-sale). I love the arcade-style mod that the Falcao Pearl add-on provides, and the weapons are super cool: but I wanted to know, when creating all those...
  6. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Projectiles Pack

    Projectiles Pack Introduction This is a script pack (inside an Ace demo) allowing you to make projectiles in the map. This script is provided as is and support is minimal Graphic Showcase (from Chicken Games, all the running chickens and fire/electric projectiles are made using this...
  7. Matseb2611

    Adding Realism to Battle Animations

    Hey all. In this tutorial I'm going to give various tips on how to make your battle animations look more realistic. First of all, if you're still new to using the default animation editor that RM has in the database, I'd highly suggest you to check out Palladinthug's workshop that covers the...
  8. How to fire a cannon and have the player try and dodge it?

    Okay, first off - hi again and sorry for creating so many threads, but I have the stupidest ideas and making them work isn't all that easy... Well, my idea is to have the player control the ship vehicle and sail down a river like that, except he or she will be fired at by cannons on the side of...

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