1. Nightblade50

    How to Stay Working on a Game

    Are you the sort of person who has thirty projects with only about a few hours of work into each one? Do you keep having ideas for video games but never end up finishing them? Are you working on a project right now but considering quitting? If so, I've written this guide for you. I myself...
  2. AksaczytNel

    Konnichiwa(Good day)

    So yeah 2019 is nearing its end but I'm so hyped and pumped up to learning how to use RPG Maker MV. I'm a big fan of turn-based RPG's but I also like action. I have four big projects. A fan JRPG that unifies real famous and infamous deceased and living people of the world and vast array of...
  3. Phoenixsylph

    I basically scrapped my game for the third time, How do you not?

    So a 10 months ago, before I got this crazy disease that ruined my life, I learned RPG maker MV, I watched hours and hours of tutorials, advice, and read so much about plugins, ect. Found a ton of assets, wrote down crediting lists and made sure requirements of use were met. Then I was a few...
  4. Tonko

    Opening multiple projects at the same time in Linux

    Opening multiple projects at the same time in Linux Hello there. In this tutorial, I will explain how to have two or more MV Projects open at the same time. I thought this tutorial would be useful for Linux users, since the procedure is a bit more complicated than in Windows. PLEASE NOTE: This...
  5. Soulmagnet

    Finish a project and lack of inspiration.

    Hello everyone, I am suffering from the syndrome of the blank sheet, a long time ago. I'm stuck, for years I've been using rpg maker, from 2k3 to ace ... however after about twenty abandoned projects I do not know what to do anymore, I have the knowledge about how to approach a project but I do...
  6. Keniisu

    YouTuber - Looking for games for an upcoming series!

    List of Current games: Hello! I've recently returned here after a long, long hiatus (About a year) and want to cover some games for an upcoming series on my channel where I analyze, review and play some games from the role-playing genre. Here's my channel for reference which has a decent...
  7. Matseb2611

    Trying to play MV games - white screen, won't start

    I've come across an issue when trying to play any game made in MV which I download from this site or another. I don't have any problem (at the moment) running MV or playtesting my own project, but whenever I try to launch someone else's game, the window just opens and hangs in a white screen. I...
  8. FelixTheDog

    Need Help

    Hi im felix. I need help dooing a school project for rpgmaker MV. I know the language but i need a mentor. Please email me at There will be a small payment or if all posible you could do it for free. Email me please
  9. MobiusXVI

    How to easily work with others on RM Projects

    How to easily work with others on RM Projects by MobiusXVI Introduction I see people all the time using Dropbox to share their project with others when working as a team, and I thought there had to be a better way. Well there is! Using a few simple tools, you can streamline your team's...
  10. NTakamura

    How important is your project(Music, game project, scripting, etc) to you?

    I want to what your project, whether it be music, game project, scripting, etc to you. How high on the priority scale is it? I some time find myself prioritizing my project over my responsibilities sometime. Like I may skip making a big meal for dinner and chose to just make a sandwich. I also...
  11. Artificer

    The list of all projects in the IGMC 2015 with their links (finished)

    This is the list of All IGMC 2015 projects! (finished) (I cant add more links please scroll down in the posts and search for the video of the game you would like according its number (yea, welcome to 2015) (Games 246 to 549 on the post number 28) RED: Nothing to download or broke the rules...
  12. RPG Maker DLC Rights

    I read on this website that with RTP DLC, you can only use it if you own the corresponding RPG Maker version it's made for. Does this mean, for example, that I cannot legally use the Samurai DLC with RMVXA if I do not own...
  13. Lunawolfcomics

    What sparked your current/past RPG Maker project(s)

    Hey everyone, so I was thinking back to all of my game/project ideas are started to wonder where I got the original ideas from. The current project I'm working on, The Perfectionist, is an idea I've had for a really long time and never pushed myself to make a game for it until last year. I...
  14. Redzooeny

    Projects from RPGmaker VX into RPGmaker VX Ace?

    I have a question about RPGmaker VX and VX Ace. I have RPGmaker VX and I have ordered RPGmaker VX Ace, and I want to know if there is any way to get a project from VX into VX Ace so I can carry on working on it in a more advanced program. Please help and answer soon, Redzooeny
  15. Amplifaè

    Project processing takes forever

    Hi, Okay, erm, I got myself thr RPG Maker VX Ace Programm a few weeks ago from that steam sale. I have been reading tutorials, trying out stuff, making my own first game. But after a while I noticed that certain options take forever to finish. I speak of options like: "New project", "Open...
  16. Palsa

    Manage Projects for Ace

    Ever since the workshop was launched on Steam, there has been one feature with Manage Projects that I seriously do not like, and I've been wondering if there is either a work around or if an interface update would be possible. What I'm having issues with is that all of the downloads go to the...
  17. ShinGamix

    How to change the text font in Ace (and in VX too)

    I was looking how to change the text and text font in my project??? I would appreciate if someone would tell me and if it the same for VX too?

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