1. Problem with changing starting character portrait in a prologue

    Hi every masters of RMMV~ I am a beginner using RMMV to create my first ever RPG. I have been trying to create a prologue to explain my hero's background. I am able to make auto events run, however, RMMV gives an adult/teenage version of my character where as I wanted him to be a baby (so I...
  2. cthulhu135

    FREE [HELP WANTED - All Positions] Chronicles of Orbis: Within These Walls

    Made With RPG Maker MV SYNOPSIS "Chronicles of Orbis: Within These Walls" (Referred to from this point as "Within These Walls" or "WTW") is a small story-driven fantasy RPG that serves as a prologue/side game for the upcoming title "Orbis" (mentioned purely for disclosure, accepting a role...
  3. JtheDuelist

    RMMV Downfall FES Prologue: Fyrir Allt (One-Map Challenge Entry)

    Synopsis: Downfall FES Prologue: Fyrir Allt is the prologue chapter of the in-progress game Downfall FES Re:Boot. This game was made for the "One-Map Challenge". This game uses, as per challenge rules, 1 map, 10 events, 9 switches, and 5 variables. Due to these restrictions, this game may...
  4. Joracas

    Chapter Images

    Information I was feeling a bit bored, so I thought I would create chapter screens! I made a total of 14 images, those being chapter 1 through 10, an introduction, a prologue, an epilogue, and a game over screen. Terms of Use You are free to use my content in any commercial or non-commercial...
  5. NPC

    The Beginning: Last of All Heroes (UPDATED DEMO)

      NOTICE: If you find yourself trapped on the mountain, look down this page. I've posted where the exit is. :)     -Introduction- So this is my first game since I lost everything, and it's going quite well, minus a few bugs. So, please enjoy and leave a review with the things that you thought...

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