1. RicoRob

    RMMV How to edit the 'ActorWindow' properties on the Skills Menu?

    I wanted to change its position a bit and so I went to rpg_windows, but there's a problem: the item and the skill menus use the same lines of code for the ActorWindow, so any changes made there affect both menus. Besides, changing the x values there don't work. I'm just trying to change the X...
  2. RicoRob

    How to change the X position of 'Window_BattleEnemy'?

    I'm trying to change the x position of the Enemy Window (where the player selects which enemy to attack), but no matter what number I add/subtract/replace the 'x' with, the window won't move. I can change the 'y', the height and the width without problems. The same thing happens in a new...
  3. Makai Object Variables

    Latest Version: v1.3 Hello all, first time posting here i think. Not a native English speaker here! So i'm a newbie in JS but i'm loving it and i created my own plugin for RMMV. It's called "Object Variables". Enables variables to hold infinite values (in the form of properties) Simplified...
  4. nijineko

    The ability to event tiles and tile properties directly.

    Description of the Feature: The ability to event tiles and tile properties directly. Code for Implementation: N/A Mockups: N/A Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: Ability to change a given tile at x,y location with another tile from specified tileset...
  5. Ossra

    Ossra's Plugins <Plugin Count: 13> <13th September 2016>

  6. Wavelength

    Adding Properties to RPG Objects

    Hi guys!  I'm starting to make the jump from Ruby to JavaScript scripting, and while I think I'm grasping the language okay, I'm having a rough time making heads or tails of how everything is organized in the RPG Maker scripts.  Hopefully someone that's already jumped these hurdles can give me a...
  7. Hopelessdecoy

    Properties of items

    What are the function names of the item properties? I'm mainly wondering about the damage calculations box, parameters box and the item name. Is it in Game_item? If you could list them or point them out to me I'd appreciate it!
  8. DoubleX RMMV Object Properties

    Note: This plugin's available for commercial use. Purpose Traces all object properties meeting some conditions linked to the queried object Designed as a bug diagnosis tool used by Javascript coders with debug experience Plugin Calls Configurations Prerequisites...
  9. Hekudan

    More Keys? (Game Properties)

    Quick question: >>>Is there a way to add more keys?<<< Its really confusing for ANY new player to understand this (not for me but i want to edit it so.. IT IS) I've been wanting to make changes, like, pressing Z button activates the Z command (in the picture you have to press "D"), but...
  10. SwordArtOnline

    Encounter bug

    I have a problem on the map properties for a map of mine there are slime and slimes*2 and that's it but every once in a while I get a succubuss and it is the first dungeon map so you don't have a chance of winning I've tried everything to get rid of it even adding it to Map properties and...

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