1. SirGatling

    RMMV Oblivion Tales (prototype) [Update #4]

    Disclaimer: it's not shown yet but the game deals with topics relate vary slightly with sectarian and religious themes. ¡Hi! :D I want to show you the concept of a game that I'm working pretty hard on it, it's my first serious project, made it with the RTP but I have te intentions to add unique...
  2. Joker101

    RMMV The Chevalier's Course (No Travel Game Jam Entry)

    The Chevalier's Course With how things are currently going, I decided to join the No Travel Game Jam to pass the time and finally test some ideas that have been on the back burner. “The Chevalier’s Course” was a way for me to experiment with visual and mechanical elements that I would like to...
  3. NinjaKittyProductions

    RMMV Sniper Prototype

    I was messing around with a couple of plugins trying to see what kind of effects I could come up and manipulate. Using TDDP- MouseSystemEx with @Krimer fix (found here) and @Magnus0808 Camera Mouse Move, I was able to come up with this nifty little game... mini-game?... I don't know what to call...
  4. RMMV The emblem of light (Chapter1,Act1) Demo version.

    Hello guys im currently working on a game called the emblem of light. Pls help me improve by playing the games and comment below your thought and idies also the bug you found Thank you ! =)) links window: link...
  5. Drifter92

    RMMV Dungeon Crawler (Demo available)

    Overview: In between my bigger project I've been having a bit of fun making a basic Zelda-like dungeon crawler that has a few simple combat mechanics for now. I want to try and keep it fairly simple so it would be a nice project that's achievable to finish. I'm also looking to get some feedback...
  6. Angel.K1tty

    RMMV Game idea - Shards of Chrysalism

    Hello! I have an idea for a game, but I do not know where to start. I am a digital and traditional artist, so naturally I love making characters. I have many original characters, but there are two in particular that I really want to do something with. I have made games before, but none of them...
  7. Kitsunekko

    RMMV I'll Give You A Gift [In-Progress Prototype]

    Introduction This is the first RPG Maker game I'm committing to actually trying to complete. I'm currently making the prototype in RPG Maker MV but I might switch it over to ACE depending on if certain mechanics are more readily available for ACE rather than MV. The Premise Set in a fantasy...
  8. Percarus

    RMMV Diving into Crime Underworld of Modern Fantasy

    A game prototype and an idea I had— after listening to music. Story Essentially, the world is that of fantasy— magic, creatures, and myths, but set in modern times. Along with the advent of technology, crime is also becoming more and more sophisticated. This is where the story comes in. Burr...
  9. Canini

    RMVXA Alex and Adva (I´ve heard norse)

    Alex and Adva (I´ve heard norse) Hello and thanks for taking a look at my game prototype! This is the second game I have started working on since joining this community and the first one I feel good enough to elaborate on. SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C...
  10. FralKritic

    RMMV Pass It On Prototype

    Hey Guys! We have a prototype ready for a little to big community project we would like to pull off, our main goal is to help fellow developers new and advanced, learn RPG MAKER MV, build creatively explosive games with teams, and lastly publish something great, We will tell you more in our...
  11. FralKritic

    RMMV Mysterious Revenge (One Map Challenge)

    Hey There Fellow Content Creators! Fral Kritic here with something fun for you to scrap a few minutes away with! Now... let me find those pictures! BOOM BAM ZAM!! Ah! At last, my entry for the One Map Challenge has arrived... A little late on arrive; probably won't be tipping that delivery...
  12. soniiiety

    recording dreams/thoughts invention

    hello everyone, i have been thinking about something that would be really cool to make in the future in real life. called recording our dreams/thoughts/memorays even connecting to a tv an anything we think of shows up on it or how about we can do above^ expect on an art program and we don't...
  13. soniiiety

    alien creatures with other art

    above is alien creatures^ be warned some may give nightmares and be frighting , it's your responsibility if you get scared or not. zenron prototype above with some art from my dream as well, the dude is the suit is called kerlin.^ I will add more art/photos if i can fit it in
  14. Jonforum

    Add a prototype to $dataItems [SOLVED]

    Hi Is possible to change the prototype of $dataItems because i need to call fast function to build some regexr when is nessesery. Or I would be better to create a new $variable in window, that when i will calling, will indirectly modify the $dataItems[]? ex: function itemsManage(){}; $items =...
  15. leenat40

    Dying World [A post apocalyptic Action-Rpg] NEW INFO. AVAILABLE!

    THE GAME IS IN COMPLETED PROJECTS CATEGORY!!!     "He made my life hell, and I will make his grave"   World Building   Story     Features    Screenshots    Demo   Jonas Berzinskas 2016 
  16. Help with prototypes and constructors

    Hello! I am having some trouble trying to understand javascript's constructors and prototypes. For example, here there is some code extracted from the engine: // Scene_Map // // The scene class of the map screen. function Scene_Map() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); }...
  17. Funplayer

    To use, or not to use XML?

    I've been tinkering with XML lately, and I'm confident this is your best bet for external data in your games. What is XML? How to XML? I can safely say, XML is by far the easiest thing I've used to export and import data.  Why...
  18. EarthBound Style Engine 0.1 In need of a Team

          Hey community, I'm looking for a few people to help me further develop my Earthbound Style Engine which I want to make available to the public in the future for non-commercial and commercial use. So far I've been able to replicate EarthBound's battle mechanics to a degree by using RGSS3...

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