1. RMMZ "Increased attack, lowered defense" based on Proximity

    Hi! I'm new to the software and I'm searching for one or more plugins that could fit the description of my game's combat mechanic. It doesn't have to be precisely how described, something similar is okay too :) I'm looking for a system for a turn-based RPG that allows the player and the enemy...
  2. BlueDragonZ

    Detect Proximity from player

    Hey there game makers. I have on map encounters. I want to be able to attack the enemy on map so that you can get a preemptive strike kinda like in Dragon quest 11 or Radiant Historia. My problem is telling the rpg maker if the event is one tile away from the player and a button is pressed do...
  3. Tea++

    Proximity sound events

    TEA_proximitySound V1.0 This plugin allows the user to include events that emit sounds based on the proximity and position of the player. To use proximity sound: Add the event command "proximity sound" to a parallel event. Event ID = Assign the event you want to be the epi center of the...
  4. Jragyn

    [MZ] Event Describe

    Event Describe J / JE / Jragyn Introduction This plugin enables RM devs to grant additional contextual detail to events on the map through text and/or icons. Features - "describe" an event by adding some text - "describe" an event by adding an icon - either/both text and icon can hide/show...
  5. Ravens_Key_Games

    Proximity audio.

    Hi. I'm looking for a good guide or some advice to create proximity sound effects at an event. Eg. The more I approach a car the more the engine sound increases.
  6. Guardinthena

    Enemy Events Reacting to Friendly Events

    I am at a loss as to how to get this to work and was hoping I could get some help on this one. I'm working on a short horror game where there is the 'Killer' Enemy Event and thirty other Friendly Events that are NPCs that the player can interact with. We are using Tsukhime's Random Event...
  7. Looking for specific Line of Sight Detection Script

    I've gone through a mess of scripts and cannot find anything worthwhile. I am not looking for an eventing tutorial that referrences rgss3 script calls, that is not a script. I have looked into the following scripts : Proximity Events - v1.3 by V.M. - Works well but doesn't have line of site...
  8. JoePro

    [Joe Pro] Xpanded Event Control

    class Xpanded Event Commands(version 0.3)     def Initialize:        Adds more functionallity and commands to events.   end     def Features: Proximity System Line of Sight System Define the distance of Sight Easily find the direction of the player from the event's location. Easily find the...
  9. ♥SOURCE♥

    Sound Emitting Events

    Sound Emitting Events (v.2.1) Introduction This little script allows you to set up events that will play BGS/ME/SE (you could try BGM, but..) if the player gets close enough. The volume is based on the distance between the player and the event, so the closer the player is to the event...

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