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    Action Sequence Proxy 1.00

    Action Sequence Proxy 1.00 SergeofBIBEK Introduction Allows you to set up common Action Squences to be called on later from within another action sequence. This is useful for organization, easy updating and managing skills, and even adding loop functionality to your action sequences. How to...

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The most recent sign that I am old. I have done martial arts for over 4 decades. Never HAD to stretch out. Good, of course, but never required. Was doing some kicks in the kitchen because, why not, and I felt a pop in the back of my thigh. Now I am limping around. Gotta love getting old.
One of the biggest perks of being fluent in English is how many new and interesting recipes I am able to find and try out that I would have hardly come across if I just spoke my mothertounge :3
Arms aren't done yet and I think I've set myself up for a nightmare to animate all the poses.
Based off MZs people 3-4
She's gonna be an Assist class.
If I’m gonna get this many migraines, can I at least have it be part of an X-Men power origin story?

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