1. MikomiKisomi

    Image of Perfection

    Fight ghosts from your past and real ghosts. It's been a long month for Sirius- not talking to most of your friends, having an angry ex talk about you behind your back, and having a friend claim... that her house is haunted? The past few weeks have been long for Hailey as well, as her house has...
  2. EmptyVoid_

    FREE EndVoid_ [MV] A Psychological Video Game? (Artists & Composer Needed!)

    EndVoid_ (Welcome to EndVoid_ a project that is currently in need of Artists & a Composer) Engine: RPG Maker MV Inspiration: Nexpo's Channel, Life is Strange, Earthbound, OFF, Jimmy & The Pulsating Mass. Portfolio Of The Project So Far SYNOPSIS EndVoid_ tells the story to a Player who first...
  3. Grinn

    RMMV Vapor Memories

    Introduction “Vapor Memories” is a game made for 2018’s “Pastel Jam” game jam in about 48 hours. It’s a sort of... action/puzzle game built in RPG Maker MV with a lot of scripts added. It's very much an experimental game, kind of abstract. A lot of the game is kind of visual experience and what...
  4. drinkerofmilk

    RMXP Railroad Tracks

    Railroad Tracks Devoid of all memory, a small pierrot awakens early one Oktober morning, down by an abandoned railway line. Help him navigate his mysterious world, but beware, for the further he wanders from the rigid safety of the railroad, the more unsettling his surroundings become. . ...
  5. MastertheX

    FREE Azur no Owari-RPG/Visual Novel Hyrbid (Help Wanted)

    Disclaimer, this game will contain horror despite it being action oriented. It will touch upon slight sexual and violent content as well so if you're not into any of that I advise you turn away. Engine: RPG Maker...
  6. Andreyla

    RMMV Baby is Hungry- Psychological Exploration- Now in Development!

    *EDIT* Project is currently postponed due to hard drive and back up failure. Hi everyone, my story is finally out of the ideas stage and is in development. It's very early stages right now, but has been progressing nicely even though this is a one person project. A lot of my ideas and art...
  7. Andreyla

    RMMV Baby is Hungry- Psychological Exploration Puzzler

    Hello everyone, I thought I would come out of lurking to show what I've been working on the last little while. As saying too much about the game will drop some pretty major spoilers, please forgive me if I'm a little vague. Hopefully I'll be able to get some feedback nonetheless. Game...
  8. leenat40

    Games that lie

    Possible spoilers for: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Hello everyone! Long time no see! But in that long time I have played lots of different games and got lots of ideas for the future. But the one idea, that continues to stick to me is: a Psychological Thriller that depend on the player...
  9. Sir-Drass

    RMMV Grief v0.2

    Disclaimer: This project may contain some religious elements; though that's up to interpretation and they are tertiary at most. This project also contains darker themes and a few dirty words, so it is not recommended for young children, or people with a sensitive disposition. posted version...
  10. Walk A Mile - A Puzzling Adventure [DEMO] [TRAILER]

    About the game; Synopsis The protagonist wakes up, cannot find their glasses. Things are astray, there are cryptic messages dotted around their house with no explanation. It is time to dig deep and see how far the rabbit hole goes The game is set in an undisclosed time and...
  11. Eastern

    Scent Of Roses {Completed0

    Hey everyone, I have finally completed my project on RPG Maker MV, and would like to share the project with you. I posted about needing testers but I no longer need it as I went through a HUUUUGE overhaul and gave it a facelift. Here is a cinematic trailer of the game, done in a 1990's style tv...
  12. Wayfinding92

    Persona MV

    Story Takeshi Konda is a new student at Ienobu High, after moving to Saiki with his mother after a difficult experience, though initially Saiki looks like just another quiet and peaceful town, Takeshi along with other students will have to face their fears, insecurities thoughts and the dark...
  13. anikibro

    Confessions of a serial killer - Demo available

          Introduction Story Features Screenshots Demo This project is being developed by Jonathan L. A demo is available for download via the link below. I hope you enjoy my game and that you look forward to seeing more content created by me. If you would like...
  14. 9tkitsune


    Project Sara (-) This game (working title 'Project Sara' - actual title not decided yet) is based on the story 'A little princess' and inspired by "Little Princess Sara".  "Little princess Sara" was an animated series based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel, "A Little Princess" (written in...
  15. crackedthesky


      In this horror exploration game, a lost soul wakes up in a snowy wasteland with no memory, and only a talking scarecrow pointing them in the direction of a nearby castle. Little light enters its stony walls, where rooms don't stay put and inhuman creatures wander the halls. But this soul is...
  16. sriden

    The Seventh Door

      *click on the title to download* Or Mediafire link:         Title: The seventh Door (La Septieme Porte) Software: RPG-Maker XP Genre: Supernatural Thriller with Varied Gameplay Status: Completed Year: 2012-2013...
  17. Dimitris

    The King In Yellow

    THE KING IN YELLOW a psychological horror game by Dimitris STORY Junior professor of glossology William C. Webb is being summoned by a team of professors in an isolated town deep within the mountains to assist with a peculiar discovery. A wolf's skeleton was found on a sacrificial chamber...
  18. atasuke10

    Crimson Light

    The Rework is here: Featuring extended story, gameplay, character backgrounds, updated graphics, added features. The feature list: - Item quick-select/use - Improved Panic System, Spawn system for the horrors that come for you. - A feature to let you fight back at some point. - A feature that...
  19. Dimitris

    Lethe's Fate

    Lethe's Fate a short psychological horror game by Dimitris     STORY You play the role of Lethe, Commander General, sworn protector of the order of the One Godess. Lethe wakes up in a forest, not remembering how he got there, not remembering his past. Help him find a way out of the forest...
  20. Psychosis

    Download link:   WARNING: This is a psychological horror game and, while the current demo is quite tame, will eventually contain scenes that some may find disturbing. Game Synopsis Psychosis is a psychological horror game that is a...

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