1. Patchi

    RMMV Dawnbourne - A Murder-Mystery Detective Adventure

    Dawnbourne ------- STORY SYNOPSIS: A Case in Cold Blood A story-based, mystery adventure set in Dawnbourne: a remote, suburban town overlooking the Capital. Ashley Folger, a rookie investigator who just moved into Dawnbourne, gets caught up in a grim murder that threatens to unveil the...
  2. clownbf

    RMMV Romeo & Juliet: An RPG Maker Love Story

    An RPG Maker Love Story Synopsis: A timeless classic told through RPG Maker. Experience Shakespeare's most famous work again. Control Juliet as she navigates through the tragic tale of the star-crossed lovers. Help her find keys to doors to progress through the story.' Discover the secret life...
  3. Salyhin

    RMMV A Senseless Departure

    Story The protagonist Sol wakes up in the Void which is a place where he goes after he decides to end his life by jumping off a bridge due to loneliness and severe depression, he then is greeted by his Holy Guardian Angel who explains where he is and asks him that if he regrets his decision...
  4. Salyhin

    RMMV A Senseless Departure(Puzzle platformer)

    Story: The protagonist Sol wakes up in the Void which is a place where he goes after he decides to end his life by jumping off a bridge due to loneliness and severe depression, he then is greeted by his Holy Guardian Angel who explains where he is and asks him that if he regrets his decision...
  5. Lumi-Sensei

    RMMZ Fragmented Memories [Mystery - Survival - Horror Game] [Demo Available Soon!]

    FRAGMENTED MEMORIES Please Follow & Add our game to your Wishlist! And wish us luck! We will keep you posted with the development update on this steam page! Demo for testing, gain feedback or live streaming will be available soon! Thank you for visiting ^^
  6. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV ⟁False Server (Tech-Demo Available!)

    1. SYNOPSIS: Gameplay: You simply walk from point A to B, interact, read dialogues, and progress through the story. Trailer: [/SPOILER] 2. CHARACTER PROFILES: [/SPOILER] 4. SCREENSHOTS: (Tech-Demo) 4. SCREENSHOTS: (What's to Come Next) 5. DOWNLOAD: (Tech-Demo Available!)
  7. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV False Awakening Episode 1 & 2

  8. Ancient_Eagle

    RMMV Demon Tale (Work in progress)

    Demon Tale (Work in progress) The adventure awaits... Ready for actions... Epic battles... Epic story... And... DEMONS!!! Content Warning: This game contains violence, blood, fantasy violence, bad language. Not recommended for under-age.
  9. cthulhusquid

    RMVXA Under Dark Skies [One Map Challenge]

    Warning: This "game" has flashing lights, and a short loud music part. So this is my One Map Challenge "game". It's a short horror cutscene focused on aliens, make of it what you will. Credits are included in the game files. Features: Full screen functionality by pressing F5. Creepy ambient...
  10. xenon

    RMMV Phantasmata

    It's out on Steam as early-access at the moment, please check it out! ( you'll find gameplay video and some media there, for character bios and lore visit PHMT Toyhouse ) You take the role of Alice - a single-parent daughter who loves...
  11. MikomiKisomi

    Image of Perfection

    Fight ghosts from your past and real ghosts. It's been a long month for Sirius- not talking to most of your friends, having an angry ex talk about you behind your back, and having a friend claim... that her house is haunted? The past few weeks have been long for Hailey as well, as her house has...
  12. EmptyVoid_

    FREE EndVoid_ [MV] Recruiting Now! (Looking For Artists / Tileset Artists)

    ✨ EndVoid_ ✨ (Welcome to EndVoid_ a project that is currently in need of Artists & a Composer) Engine: RPG Maker MV Inspiration: Nexpo's Channel, Life is Strange, Earthbound, OFF, Jimmy & The Pulsating Mass. Available Roles for those Interested Voice Actor - Little Boy (I'll explain the role...
  13. Grinn

    RMMV Vapor Memories

    Introduction “Vapor Memories” is a game made for 2018’s “Pastel Jam” game jam in about 48 hours. It’s a sort of... action/puzzle game built in RPG Maker MV with a lot of scripts added. It's very much an experimental game, kind of abstract. A lot of the game is kind of visual experience and what...
  14. drinkerofmilk

    RMXP Railroad Tracks

    Railroad Tracks Devoid of all memory, a small pierrot awakens early one Oktober morning, down by an abandoned railway line. Help him navigate his mysterious world, but beware, for the further he wanders from the rigid safety of the railroad, the more unsettling his surroundings become. . ...
  15. MastertheX

    FREE Azur no Owari-RPG/Visual Novel Hyrbid (Help Wanted)

    Disclaimer, this game will contain horror despite it being action oriented. It will touch upon slight sexual and violent content as well so if you're not into any of that I advise you turn away. Engine: RPG Maker...
  16. Andreyla

    RMMV Baby is Hungry- Psychological Exploration- Now in Development!

    *EDIT* Project is currently postponed due to hard drive and back up failure. Hi everyone, my story is finally out of the ideas stage and is in development. It's very early stages right now, but has been progressing nicely even though this is a one person project. A lot of my ideas and art...
  17. Andreyla

    RMMV Baby is Hungry- Psychological Exploration Puzzler

    Hello everyone, I thought I would come out of lurking to show what I've been working on the last little while. As saying too much about the game will drop some pretty major spoilers, please forgive me if I'm a little vague. Hopefully I'll be able to get some feedback nonetheless. Game...
  18. leenat40

    Games that lie

    Possible spoilers for: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Hello everyone! Long time no see! But in that long time I have played lots of different games and got lots of ideas for the future. But the one idea, that continues to stick to me is: a Psychological Thriller that depend on the player...
  19. Sir-Drass

    RMMV Grief v0.2

    Disclaimer: This project may contain some religious elements; though that's up to interpretation and they are tertiary at most. This project also contains darker themes and a few dirty words, so it is not recommended for young children, or people with a sensitive disposition. posted version...
  20. Walk A Mile - A Puzzling Adventure [DEMO] [TRAILER]

    About the game; Synopsis The protagonist wakes up, cannot find their glasses. Things are astray, there are cryptic messages dotted around their house with no explanation. It is time to dig deep and see how far the rabbit hole goes The game is set in an undisclosed time and...

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