1. sriden

    The Seventh Door

      *click on the title to download* Or Mediafire link:         Title: The seventh Door (La Septieme Porte) Software: RPG-Maker XP Genre: Supernatural Thriller with Varied Gameplay Status: Completed Year: 2012-2013...
  2. Dimitris

    The King In Yellow

    THE KING IN YELLOW a psychological horror game by Dimitris STORY Junior professor of glossology William C. Webb is being summoned by a team of professors in an isolated town deep within the mountains to assist with a peculiar discovery. A wolf's skeleton was found on a sacrificial chamber...
  3. atasuke10

    Crimson Light

    The Rework is here: Featuring extended story, gameplay, character backgrounds, updated graphics, added features. The feature list: - Item quick-select/use - Improved Panic System, Spawn system for the horrors that come for you. - A feature to let you fight back at some point. - A feature that...
  4. Dimitris

    Lethe's Fate

    Lethe's Fate a short psychological horror game by Dimitris     STORY You play the role of Lethe, Commander General, sworn protector of the order of the One Godess. Lethe wakes up in a forest, not remembering how he got there, not remembering his past. Help him find a way out of the forest...
  5. Psychosis

    Download link:   WARNING: This is a psychological horror game and, while the current demo is quite tame, will eventually contain scenes that some may find disturbing. Game Synopsis Psychosis is a psychological horror game that is a...
  6. Jesse - PVGames


        Visit the Ashworth 2014 Indie Game Maker Competition page and vote!   You can also download the game here.   Synopsis Ashworth is a psychological mystery RPG that gives a nod to the likes of HP Lovecraft with some inspiration from real-life events. You play as Robert, a young man who finds...
  7. kingmakerspider

    Wolves At White Lake - Horror (Demo updated 1/18/14!!)

    John Kramer had a simple reason to come to this town: he's looking for someone. Although, he quickly finds that his intentions for this trip may matter little in the grand scheme of things. The answers he sought to find in this place may not actually be those most urgent to him now. White Lake...
  8. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Violent Whispers [Beta Version 0.4]

    [Beta Version 0.4]   Demo Version 0.4 is now available for download! To download the game, click here For more Information about changes etc, click here.    Violent Whispers is my first Rpg Project, and from here on I will leave it to my presentation, I hope you will...
  9. RyanA

    The One Night Trilogy (3 Full Horror Games)

    Moderator Edit due to lost post This is one of several very old topics where the first post was lost due to an archive problem one or two years ago, and cannot be restored. Luckily someone else found the download links, so here they are: End of Mod-Edit...

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