1. Lee Sang

    RMMZ Into Samomor (Horror, Puzzle Solving)

    Follow our Instagram to keep updated about the game STORY Jack, a high schooler, suddenly vanished without a trace while crossing the Samomor forest. The search team gave up and closed the case after many months of searching for clues, and called it one of the most mysterious missing person...
  2. Matseb2611

    Big 5 Personality Model

    I don't think there has been a topic on this one here (we've had a topic on MBTI, which is another good personality test), but Big 5 doesn't seem to be quite popular (although it's a lot more popular in the scientific community). Is anyone familiar with it and do you find it helpful? I've ended...
  3. JackSmilex

    Psycho-Smile for generator

    I've been trying to find a mouth to add to the character generator, which would fit on a maniac or a psychopath, but sadly i wasn't able to find one. I need it for one of the main characters of my new project (he's got schizophrenia). I'm looking for something similar to mr. mado's smile(from...
  4. L'Inspecteur

    Hello maker friends ! This topic will be dedicated to my first serious project, L'Inspecteur About the title : Changelog : Despite that there isn't to show yet since project started today with my registration, I don't come here with a blank copy. As I said in my presentation...
  5. Lee Sang

    Dear RED

    A game for 2014 Indie Game Development contest     Not really scary, not really love... just the disturbance in her mind. Title: Dear RED Author: Lee Sang Genre: Visual Novel, RPG, Horror, Puzzle, Psychology Duration: 30 - 40 minutes Story Red had grown, she understood what happened, why he...
  6. sburbiansteampunk

    Story Idea

    Recently, I've played the RPG game called OFF and read the Pokémon fan theory "Ash's Coma" and an idea popped into my head. "What if there was a game where there is a young boy dealing with a traumatic event who is trapped inside his own mind?" So I've been trying to make this game that...

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