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    Park (Playable Teaser)

    Title: Park (Playable Teaser) Story: You wake up from a coma after an unknown incident , but shortly you fall again and the game takes place's in the coma, as the player tries to make up a story of what happened! Because there is no full story, there are sentences. And from that the player...

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Does that count as poetry? ..Is there a super fast way to test my creations in RPG Maker? Has anyone played the new Pokémon games? I'm itching to buy it but I don't think my husband will want me to after he finds out how much I spent on Christmas!
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Saturn port when?
I'm new to rpgmaker mv, link me some good stuff to learn.
Finally, I have graduated from college and now I can put a lot more work into my game, after having not worked on it for the better part of a year.
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