1. Silenity

    RMMZ VS Skill Cooldowns go down when hitting enemy weakness

    I understand if I can't receive much help since these are paid plugins. I'm using VisuStella's Skill Cooldowns plugin as well as a variety of their other plugins. The other main plugin I'm trying to use in conjunction is VisuStella's Press Turn Battle plugin. I'm trying to figure out a way to...
  2. TotalNoobAtRpgmaker

    Help with the PTB script?

    So uhhh, totally noob question, but i've been having troubles with Archeia's Press Turn Battle system for VX Ace. I get an error mensage every time an character gets hit in battle and it reads "NoMethodError occoured. Undefined method magic_reflection for #. I know it has something to do with...
  3. RMMV Press Turn Battle System for MV?

    Hello, I'm looking to incorporate Shin Megami Tensei's Press Turn Battle System into a project I'm making, but haven't been able to find a plugin for RPG Maker MV. I've found one for RPG Maker VX Ace (which can be found here, alongside an in-depth explanation of how PTB works...
  4. jonenglish91

    Press Turn Battle System - Eventing(WIP)

    Hi All! Seeing as there is no Press Turn Battle System plugin, I decided to create it via eventing & states with the help of some plugins. It takes a little eventing and setting up. Plugins Used - Yanfly Core engine Yanfly BattleEngineCore Yanfly Actions Sequence 1 to 3 VE_DamagePopup...
  5. jonenglish91

    Press Turn Battle System - Shin Megami Tensei

    Hi Guys! I was just wondering if there was any press turn battle system like the Shin megami tensei series? I've seen an iteration of VX Ace but not MV, just wondered if anyone has dabbed into this? Thanks!
  6. Esjitu

    [SOLVED] Small Issues with Yanfly + Press-Turn Battle

    Hope this is the right place. I've been searching all over for info on a few small issues, largely unrelated, concerning Yanfly's battle engine, Yami/Archeia's PressTurn battle system, and using the two together. Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. 1) When using PTB...

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