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    Story based game

    I'm a bit at war with myself. I always wanted to write a novel but I'm not good at describing environment. So my main questions are: 1. would a game strongly based on story (with some riddles or something) would get any attention? :unsure: 2. do people (in general) enjoy RPG Makers combat and...

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Ugh... 4:53AM over here and I can't sleep so why not just game make.
I just love the MV feature that allows you to create your own animations!
I typically ask this on my normal social media channels, but figured there may be good replies here. Anyone got any good horror movie recommendations? I've seen a lot, but I always love getting suggestions! Bonus points if you know which service it is streaming on (in the US) - bring on the spOoooOky!
 After a few distractions (and my annual rough second week of October), I’m getting back on track with my OMGC project.
 Am I overcomplicating it? Yes. Am I going to tone it down? Almost certainly not.
 At least the dialogue stuff is almost done. I need to do the map itself, and then all that’s left is combat.
 Getting there!

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