1. FeliPereira97

    Problems with Android deployment & plugins

    Hi, sorry if in wrong category, thought this one fits. I have a project that works perfectly fine on PC, but when I try it on mobile (for which I'm specifically building it), many bugs occur. Some changes I've made won't appear, the first spash screen is the original one, not the one I've...
  2. Which Mac to buy for iOS publishing game

    Hi, If you want to publish officially an iOS game on the App Store, you must have a Mac. Since I'm a Mac user for a very long time, I thought I could to give you some advise to choose one.   What a Mac can do ? Everything a PC does if the same software exists. It even runs Windows natively...
  3. phoenix_rossy

    Immanitas Publishing House

    So I've been approached by a company that's offering to take my products on a non-exclusive basis and market them through their own website, as well as striking deals with publishing houses and physical distribution outlets through the eastern provinces of europe. An initial glance over the...
  4. phoenix_rossy

    Green Man Gaming Visit!

    Hey guys! As an up-and-coming indie publisher (does such a thing even exist?) I took the opportunity this weekend to visit the good folks at ! (I also attended the London MCM comicon, but that's a different story) It was great! They're lovely folks, and it's nice to...
  5. VX Ace Lite to Full Upgrade & "Compress Game Data"...

    Howdy folks, I recently finished working on a project in VX Ace Lite, and then got a copy of VX Ace via Steam; I wanted to be able to create an encrypted archive when distributing my game. However, when I opened up my project in VX Ace and compressed the game data, the output file I got was a...

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