push-pull object

  1. TSR


    Author: TSR, The Northern Frog Download: TSR_MoveEvent This plugin allows to push, pull, pick up and throw events. =========================================================== ToU: Use in any independant RPG Maker MZ or MV projects, including commercials. Credit is required for using...
  2. Sethorion

    Making A Pushable and Pullable Barrel

    Here is the code which was the most successful: ◆Show Choices:Push, Pull (Window, Right, #1, #2) :When Push ◆Play SE:Equip2 (90, 60, 0) ◆Set Movement Route:This Event (Skip) : :◇Move away from Player ◆Set Movement Route:Player (Skip, Wait) : :◇1 Step...
  3. Kes

    Ultra-easy creation of Push-Pull object

    A standard problem with creating puzzles which require the player to push an object around is that the player may end up pushing it into a position where it is then stuck.  Normally the player must then either leave the map or throw a switch to reset everything.  This can be frustrating...

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The "docs" are honestly soo frustrating. Eg. positionType : "Returns the current position type of the message window." Yes, great. could you please also tell me if 0 was bottom or top, so i don't have to start a playtest to see, because i keep forgetting it all the time, and what are the docs even for, if not that? (it's top btw...)

Here's the combat sprite of Azrael one of the main characters of our game,
with and without weapon.
The one thing I've always struggled with is creating a story, it halts every single project I've ever worked on. We must be in the twilight zone because I've actually come up with a plot, from beginning to end (it kinda wrote itself). I may very well be on my way to creating my first proper little game, yay!
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Still need one or two "placeholder" asset things and then I'm venturing into custom windows + menus!
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