1. Nilom

    .push() is not a function ._. [solved]

    Hello! I used .push() for a card drawing skill system before. But when I try to do something similar and store movement commands (numbers) inside an array then I get ".push()" is not a function. What did I do wrong? I just do not see it: if...
  2. A-Moonless-Night

    Push/Pull Puzzle Tutorial

    Push/Pull Puzzle Tutorial By A-Moonless-Night Difficulty: Medium (this tutorial uses script calls) The purpose of this tutorial is to make a boulder that we can push and pull. There are far easier methods, but the mechanics of those are a little clunky, I feel, and I wanted to make a version...
  3. Llareian

    Better way to add values to a $gameVariables array?

    I have variables that are used to store arrays of numbers. I want to be able to push new values onto those arrays (and splice them out when no longer needed). Currently I'm using the method below to push the value of variable 16 onto the array variable 15: var tempArray =...
  4. Sethorion

    Making A Pushable and Pullable Barrel

    Here is the code which was the most successful: ◆Show Choices:Push, Pull (Window, Right, #1, #2) :When Push ◆Play SE:Equip2 (90, 60, 0) ◆Set Movement Route:This Event (Skip) : :◇Move away from Player ◆Set Movement Route:Player (Skip, Wait) : :◇1 Step...
  5. XGuarden

    Push a box using javascript.

    I try to push a event using javascript on player touch. Of course I know its can be done easy with event, but curently I try to do some test for learning. I use the follow code. this.event().moveStraight($gamePlayer.direction()); if (this.event().isMoving()){ $gamePlayer.moveForward(); } I got...
  6. SumRndmDde

    Object Pushing Mechanic/Puzzle Tutorial

    Object Pushing Puzzle Tutorial by SumRndmDde This is a tutorial that teaches you how to make a smoother "pushing" mechanic for events. Using this, one can create puzzles, systems, and other evented features that feel a lot smoother than the usual "Push and Wait" system that comes...
  7. Lecode

    Auto Push NPC

    Auto Push NPC 1.1 Lecode Introduction This plugin replicates a feature of Seiken Densetsu 3 that allow the player to push NPCs when they obstruct his way. For those who don't know SD3, by simply walking in the way of an NPC, you can push it allong your path. I always liked this feature since...
  8. Pushable Brick/Block Tile set

    This is my pushable brick/block tileset! Like the legend of zelda boulder/stone pushing! No need to credit,place/import the image in the charecter.     The Download Link :) https://www.mediafire.com/?hj4dh588wn33t7c Allso my totem tiles (put in character graphics)
  9. Push-able actors

    Hello, I recently bought RPG Maker XP. Does anyone know how to make a push-able actor/object using this program?

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