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    RMMV Pillow Hero - Guide the 1-Slot Hero through 25 treacherous levels in his father's castle!

    PILLOW HERO v. 1.0.1 SYPNOSIS: Enter Harold, a 1-slot hero and a hapless sleepwalker who always end up waking in the wrong room in the middle of the night. Guide him through various obstacles as he carries his pillow to his bed to sleep. Engage in a fun little mind-game of puzzles and...

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YAY! I just posted my third Guide! Setting up STEAM Integration in RPG Maker MV WITH updated NW.js (huge performance update)
MUCLSES!!! :epicface: :epicface:
If you're reviewing someone else's game, don't focus only on the negative and criticize them. Use positive constructive feedback. As game developers, we need to empower one another; not put each other down.
just posted a song I made for my game a while back... I sampled the HEY from Earthworm Jim's Snot a problem levels lol...
Based on this screenshot alone, which one would you sell, and which to equip?

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