puzzle solving

  1. [Criticism Requested] Is this Puzzle a fun challenge or will this be too tedious/annoying for players?

    Heya guys! :kaoluv: Just here to ask some thoughts on a puzzle idea I had (Haven't coded it in yet since I'm still working on the tile set for the map). Just for some context this puzzle is a little bit past the mid-way point of the story, meaning players are expected to know a majority of the...
  2. MichaelJ

    RMVXA LYA (Demo Available)

    LYA Hey everyone! I'd like to let anyone know, who might be interested in an horror game, that the demo for my game, LYA (Lee-ah) is now available. The plan is to release the full version next month but in the meantime, I wanted to let anyone interested, play the prologue and 1/3 of Chapter...
  3. daisyfairy42

    RMMV Volition v1.2 DEMO [CHOICE BASED RPG] Looking for Feedback!

    Volition Warning: This game swears a bit (no f-bombs though, mostly one character), and there is discussion of fictional religion and fantasy racism against vampires, witches, and demons among characters. If exploring these subjects in a fictional game about making choices is not alright with...
  4. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Displaced.

    The heavy footfalls echoing off stone suddenly turned soft, her breath faltered without knowing why. Ahead a path, and behind a dense forest covered by thick, wilted grass. Elevator Pitch. A girl with no idea of where she was is Spirited away into a forest where creatures of fantasy reside, and...
  5. Phenax

    RMMV Dragon's Hope (Chapter 1 released!)

    About Dragon's Hope Dragon's Hope is a game about a young dragon who is trying to save the life of his mother. The game features all kinds of puzzles and challenges, a touching story, a relaxing atmosphere, humorous dialogues and a high quality guidebook for the player. You're playing the...
  6. Lucy Fox

    RMXP [IGMC 2017] Once Upon A Spirit

    “We were out in the fields, collecting some food for the winter, when a crow attacked us and spooked my child so much, its soul escaped its body and clung itself to the bird!” Story You play as a mouse, whose kid's soul was stolen by a crow. A strange ghostly voice gives you the ability to...
  7. Zelgadis85

    RMMV Deadly Halloween Party (IGMC '17 entry)

    Deadly Halloween Party SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SECTION B: CHARACTERS UPDATE Dec 19, 2017: The IGMC17 contest is over. Apparently, my game was disqualified for various bugs, and for the computer in the study room crashing. I managed to reproduce this crash...
  8. Kevin O'Ryan

    The Sakata's Legend - Source File and Details -- Critiques Wanted!

      "Dare to enter, a Dream World in its dark era!" Non-Commercial game in development by TKZ Productions!   Website - HERE   UPDATE: I do apologize for not updating, I have been working on a new album and lost focus on the game. However, I have returned and I will be posting a new demo soon! --...
  9. mightydarkchocolate


    STORY SYNOPSIS ''Ningyo'' is a word for doll in Japan. Ningyo Heart is a journey of a man through a pit of hell and horror, in search for the beloved ones as well as a journey of finding his true self. The main theme in this horror game is friendship, romance & horror. Game play will focus on...

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