1. 8-BitNovels


    Dawes-24 Synopsis Lore/Context The nation Rinam has been in conflict with various wars. But most importantly, the Lhaki War. Which led to the newly established authority of the Forechaftian Government. To avoid wars, a peace keeping body, Ten Unifications, was presented. However, with the rise...
  2. Tomasque

    RMVXA Swan Song [SCP-style Mystery | Demo Available]

    OI-921 (AKA "Swan Song") Dr. Hastings discovered it in Loraine's office the day she disappeared. It's more than just a music box: it's the key to her disappearance and the only hope you have of finding her. But top brass won't take the risk; they've filed it away for good. And that's where it...
  3. Puzzle Help

    I apologise if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything related to it. I am trying to make a puzzle for one of my dungeons in my first game where you have to get all the floor tiles illuminated. It's a similar idea to this: Puzzle Idea But with switches instead. Now, I have the...
  4. Mimironi

    RMMV Call of the Overseer (Demo Available)

    Do you have what it takes to save a higher being? Of course you do! Now, get to it! ...Not like you have a choice. Summary: Six individuals find themselves summoned into a frigid, unknown land. As they cross paths and band together, they will learn more of this land and why they were brought...
  5. Prellmarc

    RMMZ Event manipulation via skill

    Hey folks, I'm doing some Golden Sun like stuff and tapped into my first problem trying to realize the use of skills out of menu to let the event in front of me react to. What I'm basically trying to do is to freeze a puddle in front of me into a pillar of ice using a Frost spell. I mean, when...
  6. RMVXA Temple of Sacrifice - A simple and short puzzle game made for my first game jam

    Hello guys...I've just entered my first game jam and so...completed my first game...it was done for the Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3...I had a lot of fun doing it...all the art and music is done by me...(except for like...one or two rtp stuff)...It would be very cool to have some feedback on it =)...
  7. BerryB

    RMMV :eternity

    2nd place winner of the Hawktober Game Jam - A puzzle-oriented mystery game with minor horror elements and a spiritual successor to Lily Renewal. Help the child, an ethereal woman and a mind flayer escape a strange world that is truly beyond our understanding. A puzzling journey through the...
  8. Sparky89

    Boulder puzzle - walk ON

    Hello all, I'm trying to make it so a bolder can be pushed into the water and then walked on. Great!!! The boulder in the water part is done. I'm sure it may have something to do with terrain tags and variables... Not brilliant at variables but i can give it ago, and I've never used terrain...
  9. Aquin25

    Laser Maze

    Trying to create a segment of my game where the player has to move through a laser maze to escape a facility. The lasers turn on and off, allowing the player to move through with good timing, but die when the lasers are off. I tried using multiple event pages with a self switch seperator... no...
  10. Darkbeetlebot

    Is there a way to make faux non-euclidean maps?

    For an example of what I'm talking about, look at footage of a game called Antichamber. My idea is to have a map which has invisible portals at different points that lead to other maps, but transition seamlessly instead of fading in and out so that the player THINKS they're in the same room, but...
  11. gabrieldiastche

    RMMV Phil Alone [Ludum Dare 47]

    PHIL ALONE A game made to Ludum Dare 47 - Stuck in a loop *Players with poor psychological, we suggest not playing this game...* ABOUT THE GAME Meet Phil Phil is alone in home when he wakes up and wants go out with his friends! But first he needs to do all his tasks! Help him before the day...
  12. Kaza2929

    RMMV Life's Forfeit

    Story Shirley has been invited by her friends to play a fun and challenging escape room! But it is not as simple as that. Her friends have unknowingly agreed to a death game! Their first "game" has them in a dilemma. One person must grab the key in the middle of the room to free the...
  13. DeyJay5

    RMVXA Dollhouse (2020)

    DOLLHOUSE STORY You take on the role of a woman named Sophie, who buys her daughter a doll for her birthday. But after getting trapped inside the doll shop, she discovers that it is really a home for the dolls who live there, and they don't seem to want her there. Now you must help Sophie...
  14. gabrieldiastche

    RMMV Luke Inn [DEMO] - September/2020

    LUKE INN Summary Luke Inn, is a game about a guy, Luke, that doesn’t have anything, no money, no friends and and no happiness. He received a letter that his family died a couple days ago and a friend of his father and mother asked him to go see their old house. This friend asks him to stay...
  15. RMMV The Dorm - Local turn-based multiplayer murder mystery

    THE DORM is an experimental local 1v1 murder mystery game made with RPG Maker MV. NOTES: The game is still in beta and it's open for all kinds of feedback and ideas for me to improve the game!
  16. Nowis-337

    RMMV Harold's Journey Beyond

    Harold's Journey Beyond About The release of RPG Maker MZ is looming. Join Therese, Marsha and Lucius to embark on one final quest to farewell our beloved RPG Maker MV Hero, Harold! This is a short puzzle game I made in 2 weeks for the Harold's Last Stand game jam. Solve puzzles and collect...
  17. Cachi01

    RM2k/3 Eternity Dial -Demo Ver.-

    About: A survival horror experience in which you'll attempt to win a place in the everlasting cycle of death and rebirth. Your surroundings are shaped by the memories and feelings of those who are no longer worthy of existence. Your task is to end them. Play through the entire first chapter of...
  18. Tsukihime

    RMMV Chicken Match

    Synopsis Just some mini-game chicken fun. I started this as a joke, and also because I needed something to test my grid battle logic. But mostly a joke. Though after I started using it to build my features, it actually seemed kind of entertaining. Gameplay So the idea revolves around the...
  19. void_of_the_mind

    Help with an item-based puzzle

    Hello all, I have run into a problem with coding a puzzle in my game. I wish to make it so that there are 8 stands in a room and 4 items. the items all count as individual components, if that is important. anyways, the items need to be placed on specific stands in order to solve the puzzle...
  20. tale

    Marker Tileset (Hidden Tileset)

    MarkerTileset - Version 1.0.1 (2020/06/03) Creator name: Triacontane Introduction Tileset can be hidden in game however visible for editor. Please specify in the Note box for the hidden tileset. [Tilesets] <HiddenTiles:A> // [A] tab is hidden in game. Specified up to E When using multiple...

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