1. HiSv

    RMMV SherLock - Escape Room Adventure [for ANDROID/PC]

  2. RMMV Summer Solstice

    I need some feedback for the game I released today as it is for my extended project qualification so I'm getting a grade for it. As it is a research project I need user feedback! I appreciated the feedback I got on my demo! Summer loses her best friend to a demon attack and has to move out of...
  3. Jerrytheroast322

    How do you create a "lost woods" type puzzle?

    I've seen a few threads on this but I might need a dumbed-down answer. Basically, I'm wanting to create a lost woods type puzzle where the character is randomly transferred to different maps until they follow a specific sequence of transfers that leads to the true exit of the forest. Similar to...
  4. RMMV Darkest Dreams Remake

    DARKEST DREAMS REMAKE by SPM ------------------------------------------------------------------ Frey Smith has been experiencing terrifying nights since one week. When he goes to bed he can hear agonizing cries, strange sounds, an invisible and evil presence next to him... He bought this...
  5. Any Ideas for Dungeon Puzzles Designed Around a Psychological Theme?

    In my game, dungeons represent a character's mind. Going through a dungeon represents a character working through some issue or problem in their life. I'm looking for ideas of puzzles that would go with those themes. Right now I just need ideas for the first one. The theme I'm designing it...
  6. Help with the puzzles in my game.

    Hello everyone. I introduce myself, I am Chadoumaru and I am creating a game in RPG Maker MV, called Siberia: Cold Adventure. In that game I am using puzzles to advance the player in this game. These puzzles have some didactic information about the animals that live in places with polar...
  7. Saireau

    RMVXA Game Master

    After over a year of development followed by a closed beta, Version 1.0 of my game was publicly released on 24 December 2014. It was created with RPG Maker VX Ace and can be downloaded for free. I will continue to support it with bugfixes as necessary. But what *is* this ‘Game Master’...
  8. Monsterwave18

    Need Help With Creating a Event That Damages The Player When Passing Through It

    Hey all, I have recently picked up RPG Maker MV during the steam autumn sale, and right away I went to try and make my first game. But the problem I am encountering right now is making a fireball or any type of event that travels along a set route, and if the player were to come into contact...
  9. Galv

    Galv's Puzzle Functions MZ

    Puzzle Functions RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Additional functionality to make puzzle-making easier. Features This plugin adds some functions to use that may help with eventing puzzles and/or quests. 1. Self-switch flipping Change self switches for any event from any event Change...
  10. l8rose

    Making a Movable Wall with Events

    This tutorial covers creating a movable wall as seen in the following brief video. Designed For: Rpg Maker MV Requirements: RPg Maker MV, Orange Mapshot and an Editing Program Using events and a slightly over large image, you can easily create a moving wall event. It does involve a small...
  11. Runnyyy

    Help Creating Avoiding danger Puzzles

    HELLO I hope i'm in the right topic this time;; I'm trying so hard to figure out a simple mechanic: I want to have fireballs (or any projectile) continuously shoot from wall to wall, and if the Player touches the projectile, will be injured. (Player would need to time correctly when to move...
  12. trap-sama

    [RMMV] Puzzle Help!

    I'm working on my first game and am having a hard time coming up with new puzzles to make. I've searched far and wide on the internet and found many tutorials for a boulder pushing puzzle, which I've already put into my game, as well as ice sliding and button pressing puzzles. But does anyone...
  13. Heirukichi

    Match-3 Puzzles

    Match-3 – VX Ace – v1.1.0 by Heirukichi Description This script allows everybody to easily create match-3 puzzles in VX Ace games. It is possible to create both block-swap puzzles and block-push puzzles with very simple script calls. Features Easy block pushing and swapping with built-in...
  14. Josephkhland

    FREE Unholy Legacy(Writers, Level Designer and Artist needed)

    Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Synopsis: You play as a young wizard in your journey throughout the world, where you explore and solve puzzles trying to obtain the necessary ingredients for creating an artefact that would allow you to save your village. The game includes "choices" which might lead to...
  15. AmieLK

    Puzzles and how you test them!

    Hi guys! I'm creating a puzzle heavy battle-free game because that's something I've personally always liked. But my spouse brought up an interesting point that has me thinking! Puzzle games aren't for everyone, and sometimes button mashers or even battle-based levelling games can be simple...
  16. Silversmith

    How do you know how hard your puzzles are?

    So, here's the situation: the characters are descending deeper and deeper into a dungeon. At regular intervals, they reach a room with a sort of block puzzle in it, and when the block puzzle is completed, it turns on a teleporter. Thus, they don't have to do the whole dungeon in one go. The...
  17. Akihiko

    What makes a good puzzle? / How do you come up with interesting puzzles?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to think of a few puzzles for my spooky game. I'm wondering what you think makes a good puzzle. Also, how do you personally come up with interesting puzzles for your game? Is there anything that inspires you? There are simple "puzzles" like grab an object and place it here...
  18. Bowtirage

    Love themed puzzles

    im trying to come up with some puzzles involving love, hearts, and heartbreak. It’s an odd theme so I need a little help with some ideas. Weddings, break ups, anything to do with love.
  19. Bowtirage

    Hotel themed puzzles

    I'm working on a horror game based in a creepy love hotel and I'm trying to come up with some puzzle ideas that would fit that theme. I've had a couple of thoughts but I am stuck. Can anyone help me think of any hotel themed puzzles?
  20. henrypan321

    RMVXA Gate of Providence (Quest-Focused RPG with Interconnected World)

    DOWNLOAD Download at itch.io (266mb) TRAILER WORD FROM THE DEV This game contains original music and artwork (for the most part, many of the tilesets and icons are from the community). The game is around 15 hours long if you complete every quest, which is recommended for the full experience...

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