1. Outrightsmile

    RMVXA Innocence, Always [In Development]

    Engine: RMVXA Genre: Story Based Action/Adventure All the links! www.*******.com/Supergirl050 (Defs check this out if this tickles your fancy!) www.tumblr.com/blog/innocencealways (A blog I started for Innocence, Always) www.twitter.com/Supergirl050 (I'm a huge Twitter monger...
  2. Darkbeetlebot

    Puzzle Trouble (Caution: long-winded)

    As the horribly unfunny title may suggest, I'm having trouble with puzzles. Everything about them, really. Let me state my question(s) before elaboration. TL;DR: How hard should puzzles be in a thinking man's strategy RPG? Should there always be a failsafe to completely avoid the puzzle? How...
  3. Rhino

    Give Item to Event (Gift Giving System!)

    “Select Item” is a new feature that was introduced to RPG Maker MV. This tutorial aims to explain and give some examples on how to use it. Covering the following: (For beginners) What the select item does and how to use it Eventing a gift giving system How to gift weapons and armors...
  4. GoodSelf

    RMMV The Archaeologist [Demo Available!]

    GOOD SELF GAMES PRESENTS For most of his life, Joseph Arling has been studying the ancient civilization of the Krystalin people. Fascinated with their culture, he published many books on the subject, and became world renowned as the leading expert in all manners of antiquities. Joseph put...
  5. L.W. Flouisa

    Question on puzzles,

    I've been kind of on and off from RPG Maker, and now on Linux I'm not really sure how to install RPG Maker without reinstalling Windows. Anyway, at the moment my current stories have increasingly relied less and less on action, and more on puzzle solving--but in an abstract sense: the MC write...
  6. Tarzanthecat

    Creating unique puzzles

    What kind of puzzles are people interested in? When creating puzzles, you often have an extremely hard time answering this. You don't really want cliche puzzles, or too simple puzzles, but at the same time, you  don't want too hard puzzles. So... what do you do. I would like to...
  7. Switch Puzzle Help Please!

    Someone please help. I only recently purchased VX Ace and am having a hard time with more difficult events. I wanted to create a puzzle room with four switches that would work kind of like in Skyrim. By moving one switch, it would move the others. The player would need to find the right pattern...
  8. consolcwby

    Need Help With Puzzle Design Ideas

    (I hope I am placing this in the correct forum. If not, I am sorry and please feel free to correct me!) Hi everybody! I'm new to this site and RMMV, but not programming. I am AWFUL coming up with ideas for puzzles and I was hoping if people here could weigh in on some general ideas. It might...
  9. mardin

    Your game needs more than just Battles!

    Hey Guys, I need your help! I am working on a game which focuses less on battles and more on other things like puzzles and minigames. But since I need a lot of different puzzles and minigames I would love to hear what you guys use to add variety to your game or what you really enjoyed in rpg...
  10. GoodSelf

    Making traversing the world less...boring.

    So, I'm trying to avoid making "empty" maps - for example, in the forest level, you can pick up unique herbs and then craft them into salves you need to help the withered plants grow, or your in a mining town, which means you can break the rocks scattered around the map to make some quick gold...
  11. Skunk

    Help with puzzle design

    Hey guys, I have finally gotten to a point in my game where I have a solid half hour of gameplay leading up to a dungeon. I have mapped some of the dungeon so far but I am having a hard time coming up with ideas for puzzles. I have figured out the push and switch puzzles, and the slidy...
  12. Tanarex

    Dance of The Damned (Rating R13?)

    Story: Four are chosen to enter the Demore Mansion and free the dead that are forced to relive the night Demore and her guests were taken by the Reaper himself or join them forever in the Dance of the Damned. Within awaits terrifing traps, perplexling puzzles, and a multitude of monsters. They...
  13. TheGamedawg

    Complex object pushing puzzles

    Alright, so take a look at this screenshot. http://imgur.com/uMTlRrk The goal of this room is to push the orbs in such a way that they'll cover the green buttons.  The orbs keep rolling until they hit a wall, so you need to get clever with how you push them. The problem I'm getting is...
  14. Help making this ice Puzzle?

    I have decided to make an ice puzzle similar to the one at gym 8 in pokemon r/s/e, or the leaves puzzle in undertale the thing is, i have no idea where to start. can someone help me?
  15. GirlAnimePrincess

    Controlling Party-Members seperately

    I'm trying to make a game where you can split the party to deal with different puzzles, because each party member has a different ability.  Like, one member is bigger than the others, and can easily push boxes or hold heavy stuff that the others can't. What I need is a script that would let the...
  16. Koi

    Resetting Event Issue

    So I'm trying to make a shooting duck carnival mini game. I turn the player's graphic into a reticle, and have little duck events controlled by a parallel process event in the corner of the screen. The parallel process just makes them move left, and then after their move route is completed...
  17. mightydarkchocolate

    Akumu disc 2 - ''End of darkness.''

    Synopsis. ''Nightmares...'' ''Is like a movie.'' ''It can be replayed....'' ''over and over...'' Kai Yamazuka went to the video rental store to borrow some movies but he was unable to find anything new on the shelves. Frustrated, he was about to leave the store when a disc suddenly fall...
  18. Koi

    Sequential puzzle issues.

    So I've got a puzzle of sorts that requires the player to perform actions in a specific order. I've looked up how to make sequential puzzles before, but after following what worked for them, it appears I am either doing it wrong, or our puzzles are just different enough that I need something...
  19. KanaX

    What Silver Shows

    "It's all a matter of perception. But that does not change the fact that we are all seeing the same thing"                 The Gallery The Family Mansion The Castle The Gardens The Kitchens The Gutter [coming]...
  20. Artificer

    Intergalactic traveler

    ((((((((((((((((((((I COMPLETE THE GAME CHECK IT OUT!)))))))))) Hello there i am releasing to the game concept Intergalactic travaler that is nothing original just a reminder of the classic games like space invaders and similar, (that laser stuff seems complicated so it will be just a puzzle...

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