1. Jesse - PVGames

    PVGames 2.5D Graphics

    Most Recent Updates: Here you can find the most recent updates to the 2.5D resources: The Carnivorous Plant The Assassin Overview: This new set of graphics is focused around offering resources that allow for greater visual depth and detail than what can usually be found. A...
  2. JRand

    Galv Footsteps Plugin

    For my game, I'm using purely parallax mapping and no tiles. Therefore, my game has no terrain tags, only regions. Is it possibly to modify the Galv Footsteps plugin to use regions instead of terrain tags? Or, is there another footsteps plugin that works similarly and only plays the footstep...
  3. JRand

    Footsteps Plugin for PVG Medieval Sprites.

    Does anyone know of the best footsteps plugin to use with PVG sprites, and does anyone have any recommended audio? I've tried Yanfly's plugin with some footstep audio but none of it has worked well. (The steps usually don't line up properly or they seem to echo until they're a cacophony.)...
  4. JRand

    Diagonal Movement Questions.

    Hello, everyone. I am making a game using the PVG Medieval sprite sets. I have tried looking on the PVG site and reading various plugin information documents (GALV, VE, etc.), I've tried downloading demos, and I've watched tutorials, and I'm still not quite understanding what I need to do...
  5. wolfpak692

    Using High Fantasy Packs- Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

    So, am many know, I am new to this. I am using the HIgh Fantasy Packs. Currently, I am wondering 2 things. Why is there no turtorials or videos showing how to use these and where exactly each thing goes and  how to use them, such as the Battle Sheets showing the character using different...

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