1. Jesse - PVGames

    PVGames 2.5D Graphics

    Most Recent Updates: Here you can find the most recent updates to the 2.5D resources: The Carnivorous Plant The Assassin Overview: This new set of graphics is focused around offering resources that allow for greater visual depth and detail than what can usually be found. A...
  2. OnslaughtSupply

    RMMV Hell|Bent

    Hell|Bent is a short dark fantasy RPG adventure where you play as the "Pilgrim" traveling to the mysterious plague infested Midway Isle in search of the birthplace and hopeful resting place of the Necrazor, a twisted and cursed sword forged by the Devil, that has bound itself to the Pilgrim's...
  3. 8-Directional movement

    I am trying to use the PVgames Wildsteam pack assets from the Steam store. I understand a basic character sheet with 4-directions up,down,left,right,idle and but I really want to learn how to use the character sheets from PVgames resources as I like their style a lot. I know VXAce does not use 8...
  4. Amy Pond

    RMMV Open-World RPG

    I am trying to flesh out a new project. My previous games have all been MMORPGs - in fact, the one I am working on was meant to be an MMORPG. Having set up the system and got it working, I realise that all this time I've never actually been making a game, I've just been faffing around with...
  5. jayray

    Photoshop Action - Medieval Sprites RMXP

    Yes, I still use RMXP, mainly for some projects, and I had already converted most of the High Fantasy series of sprites to RPG Maker XP to have all my sprites available for that engine. However, I wanted to ensure that the RMMV sprites looks at least SIMILAR in size and girth to those sprites...
  6. Lunarea

    Medieval: Bosses now available!

    Medieval: Bosses is now available! This affordable new pack features 8 large and intense bosses. From an Old God to a mutated trio, you're sure to find the true stuff of nightmares that will get your players' adrenaline pumping. As always, we value your input and can't wait to hear...
  7. Lunarea

    Medieval: Dungeons now available!

    We are pleased to announce that Medieval: Dungeons is now available for sale in the RPG Maker Web Store! This large pack throws you into the deepest depths of caverns, where ghouls, goblins and dragons prowl for unlucky adventurers and insolent heroes. Grab your copy today, and - as...
  8. Lunarea

    Medieval and more!

    Today, we've got 3 brand new products to share! The next installment in PVGames Medieval series is here! Knights Templar features character armor and pieces needed to create your very own medieval knighthood army. At only 4.99, this pack is a real steal! Click here for more info...
  9. Jesse - PVGames

    Medieval: Interiors - Official Topic

    You can view additional images below: Everything you need is inside to create literally thousands of unique characters including their spritesheets (with over 50 animations supported!), facesets, busts, and paperdolls. On top of that, there are an absolute ton of tiles included for you...
  10. Jesse - PVGames

    Medieval: Town and Country - Official Topic

    View more images below: Everything you need is inside to create literally thousands of unique characters including their spritesheets (with over 50 animations supported!), facesets, busts, and paperdolls. On top of that, there are an absolute ton of tiles included for you to build the...
  11. Matseb2611

    Wild Steam - Incorrect sprite movement

    Hi. I've come across an issue and I am not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm using the new character models with the new scripts included to make sure all spritesheets are used. It works perfectly on the player character. But when I set an autonomous movement to an NPC, they fail to move more than...
  12. Lunarea

    High Fantasy 1 Resource Pack Update

    The talented folks at PVGames have provided us with a MAJOR update to the High Fantasy Resource Bundle! This is the first of the High Fantasy resources, and it has been remastered and polished to be bigger and better than ever. Not only is there a significant increase in quality, but there are...
  13. Lunarea

    Monsters Legacy 1

        We are happy to announce the newest in the line of high fantasy resources: Monsters Legacy!   This massive pack contains hundreds of monsters and characters to fill all your enemy needs. To read more about the pack, see screenshots and a video, click here.   Bonus! This week, use the coupon...
  14. Lunarea

    High Fantasy Main Party Pack 2

    We've got a very exciting new product for you today, guys! The folks at PVGames have come up with a brand new character pack. With 24 new characters (portraits, faces, battlers and sprites!), you can customize your game even further. There are some really fun characters in this pack, so...

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