1. alcaporzel

    Searching Example / Tutorial for MiniGame with Pictures and QuickTime

    Hey friends out there, first of all i hope that you are all save and fine? Im not sure but I thought there was a Tutorial or an Example here or on official Website or RPG Maker who shows how to implement a small MiniGame using QuickTime Event. I just dont know how to search in Engl of that or...
  2. KazukiT

    Item Synthesis that make items based on mini game perforatmation

    I was wondering if there were any plugins that allowed you to create item with ingredients and creates an based on well you do in a mini game or QTE For example, you do poorly in the mini game or QTE and you get a "Foul Tonic" and if you do well you get an "Average Tonic".
  3. Quick Time Event (Special maybe?)

    Hi, I am new to this site (somewhat) and I was trying to figure out how I can make a quick time event in the style of dead by daylights skill checks? Where the player is repairing something and a meter goes up and randomly a QTE will occur and if the player hits the button in time or correctly...
  4. Muffle

    QTE Help!

    Wanting to make a quick time event! MC has to pull the rope to get the attic down, it's stuck so QTE happens. It's a tutorial QTE before an actual serious one happens. With this one I just want the conditions to be that the timer has run out and if X has been pressed you open it. If X has not...
  5. Uzuki

    Button Press Timing Bar Plugin for MV

    Hey, everyone. So I've scoured the internet for a plugin that performs what I'm looking for but I haven't been able to find anything what I need. I'm looking for an way to display a bar on the screen with a cursor that moves back and forth on the bar when interacting with a event on the map...
  6. QTE in battle system plugin

    I want to make a battle system that uses quick time events to form combos. I'll post a link below to show you what I mean. Is there perhaps already a plugin to do this?
  7. Studio Blue

    Thoughts on QTEs in RPG Maker

    OK, let me just dive right in. I have a mixed love affair with Quick Time Events. On the positive, I've been a gamer since Dragon's Lair came out in the 80's (I know that rather dates me), and I loved games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. There is a certain enjoyment that comes out of...
  8. Astfgl66

    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    QTE Window Hi everyone! This plugins aims to allow you to create QTE's on the map scene or on the battle scene. Inately via events but using other plugins such as action sequences, as a condition to skill cast. Version RC2: Some code...
  9. Quick Time Events Plugin

    Hello, I wanted to know if there were any quick time event plugins or a way to make quick time events within rpg maker mv. Edit: please delete this post, I realized this is in the wrong place and I can't report my own post.
  10. Doktor_Q

    QTE / Action Command plugins?

    Are there any plugins for adding QTEs / Actions Commands / Timed Hits to MV? I've been playing Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi lately, and it was one of their strong points. I'm imagining something that could fit in a Yanfly Action Sequence or similar action customization, but anything would work...
  11. I need QTE plugin for rpgmv

    Hello like in Title i need Quick Time Event plugin to my game for rpg mv. someone can do this plugin for me or give me a link to website to this plugin? (I search this plugin for five weeks plz help!) A.W: sorry for my english. I know it hurts for eyes
  12. Sixth

    Sixth's Mini-Games - v1.2 (13/12/2015)

    - Sixth's Mini-Games - Intro: I have been making mini-games for RPG Maker VX Ace for a while now, but never bothered to clean my code for them, let alone publishing them. But I decided to share these scripts now. When I finish with the code clean up for my other mini-games, I...
  13. Script for "strength/balance QTE" (shown in the video)

    Hello. For a project which I am working on with some other people we need some QTE (Quick Time Event) scripts, as our game is an adventure game, not RPG per se. (and with horror element btw) So I would be grateful if you show  some links to QTE scripts. Especially I'm interested in QTE which...
  14. Sixth

    Battle QTE System - v1.2 (17/02/2015)

    - Script: - Compatibility Patches: - Resources: - Screenshots: - Author's Notes: - This system is based off on my un-released QTE mini-game. There might be some dead code bits left from that script inside. :p ---------------- - This system is fresh and...
  15. Nosleinad

    QTE in battle

      I am searching for a script that does something alike the "Timed Buttom Attacks" from Galv, which basically means that you choose some skills that when used in battle, a gauge will appear that gives you opportunity to press a button in the right time, just to gain some customizable benefits...

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