1. Veeter

    RMMV Disable functions of a plugin with if statement, var, etc.

    Problem: - Using Rhyme_MapSmoothScrolling.js that comes with LeTBS. But it causes multiple visual issues outside of battles, most notably a shake/jitter. My current work around is to set the script call Divider to (1), which isn't ideal. List of other posts inquiring about this same issue: One...
  2. Looking for Help with the QuasiABS Plugins.

    I've discovered this QABS plugin and it's project file. I've figured out alot of it, but it would be great if there were tutorials or a manual of some sort for me to do some studying on it. Does anyone know if there is much support out there for it?
  3. Iruga2266

    How to add a Custom Animation in battle?

    I'm working on a Norse Style game, and I'm trying to add some flavour to the battle scenes. For instance, everytime a warrior with a shield kills an enemy, I want to have him bash his shield with his axe. The art content is not a problem. I can easily draw the animation. The problem is, how can...
  4. Warrior_Corporation

    RMMV: Help with the Quasi Simple Shadows (Quasi) plugin

    I'm using the shadow plugin and the game is not rendering the map, for example: if I put two light pole on the map, the two render and everything is shown. If I put a lot of light pole on the map, it does not render the map, it only shows the light pole and the game completely hangs, examples...
  5. HashtagSalt

    Error when adding QABS plugin with Nelderson Online Plugin

    Hey! I've been playing around with the Nelderson Online Plugin which enables someone to play multiplayer games via RPG maker MV. It all works great. I've also been playing around with the QABS plugin or Quasi ABS system, which also works great. Now when I'm trying to add them both together it...
  6. SleepyMachine

    QMovement Mouse problem

    Having a bit of an Issue with Quasi's plugins... if you press the mouse to move, it's fine, but if you hold the mouse down, it's jittery as all hell. and I honestly have no idea what to do... I've tried running it with just quasi plugins, messing with the parameters, running it at default...
  7. SmokeyFTW

    Quasi Abs Bow

    Hey I'm new to Quasi's ABS System and I need some help possibly adding a bow. I have already added a sword and it works fine. Help is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. userlame

    How about some Pixel Collision

    Soooo... I am looking all over and I can't find any standalone collision plugins, understandably so because why bother when there is Quasi Movement. Well, you (I) might not want to use Quasi Movement with all that it comes with (like having to give up followers) and use a more simple pixel...
  9. Quasi Sprite (Implementing the pose)

    I'm trying to implement the pose (animations) in the Quasi master demo in a separate project. I know how to use the SpriteAnimator and saved the animation in the data folder as 'SpriteAnim.json'. I named the config as 'test' and the image file as '#test-gun.png'. I named the attack motions as...
  10. Summoning spell with Quasi abs

    Hello. I want to ask is there any opportunity to create a summoning skill that will work with Quasi abs plugin ? If yes I will be glad if you help me and write how. I tried to do it by myself with some tutorials but it never worked. Also I tried to search forums but didn´t found anything. Btw...
  11. tvghost

    Quasi Pixel Collision Issues/Error

    (I have personally messaged the scripter, and they have given me permission to use/edit these scripts, so long as credit is still given. Do not try to rip the scripts in the demo and claim as your own.) When trying out Quasi's VX Ace pixel collision scripts (this was combined with the quasi...
  12. Quxios

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    QPlugins Demo - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo Site - https://quxios.github.io/ Plugins Reporting bugs/errors/crashes When you find a bug / get an error or crash. Report it here or as a github issue [ https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/issues ]. I would prefer...
  13. Quasi movement error with yanfly event chase

    When I use quasi movement and yanfly's event chase plugins the characters did not move. Quasi made a compatibility patch for this called update movement patches and characters could move again, but if you attack them with a ranged arrow from a bow outside of their detection radius in yanfly's...
  14. Noferatsi

    Changing the actor's face when he/she takes damage?

    Does anyone know where I can find a plugin that changes the actor's face when they take damage, or when they're at a certain amount of HP? For example, if my hero takes a hit and loses half of her HP, I'd like to make it possible to change her picture to a damaged version. Thanks for the...
  15. Quasi Puzzle - need help to fix a bug

    Hi everyone! So i'm messing with Quasi Puzzle's code :   And i found a bug to fix : when i try to push an event with the <pushOnInput> tag, it work only with the "action button" but not with the left mouse clic (as regular events). So i found the following lines which i guess are the...
  16. Mahoken

    Error message with Yanfly + Quasi

    Not really sure what's going on, but I tried using Quasi's Param script, but every time i try to attack an enemy with any skill in play test, it brings up this error, "Cannot read property 'note' of undefined". So I brought up the console and got these errors messages... but I have no idea what...
  17. Quxios

    Quasi Audio

    Quasi Audio For a newer version, go here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/qplugins-latest-qm-regioncolliders.73023/ About This plugin lets you play audio at a certain location. The audios volume and pan will be determined based off the players distance from the audio...
  18. Quxios

    Quasi Item Scene

    Quasi Item Scene by Quasi About Gives the developer more control over how the item scene looks. It also adds an additional info window that you set any text you want inside of. Links Download Setting up Item Pages To add text inside the new item info window, you need to...
  19. Quxios

    Quasi Quick Touch

    [Quasi] Quick Touch MV by Quasi About: Modifies the Selection Window so items get selected / are highlighted, when the mouse is over them. Since they are selected when the mouse is over them you only need to single click on them to activate instead of double clicking. Example Video...
  20. Quxios

    Quasi Simple Shadows

    Quasi Simple Shadows Version - 1.00 by Quasi About This plugin adds a simple shadow casting feature to character sprites. I consider this plugin simple because it is not dynamic, advanced and is not a real shadow casting. Though I do plan on creating a real shadow casting once MV can use...

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