1. KrunkaDev

    What should I call the first boss in my game?

    I've got an area in my game that gradually ramps up the enemies. I've called them 'Water Spawn' as a general overall term for all the enemies. You first encounter 'Water Spawnlet' enemies that use the Slime enemy image. Then, you start to encounter regular 'Water Spawn', which uses a blue hue...
  2. KrunkaDev

    [SOLVED] Movement Route bugging out and can't figure out why

    I've set a movement route for an event but when I test it out the event just walks down three steps, changes direction on the spot a few times and then moves onto the next event command. I have 'wait for completion' on and 'skip if cannot move' off so, in theory, it should just stop instead of...
  3. TheDubiousBard

    RMMZ How do I remove MP gauge on the main menu?

    While in battle, the MP gauge has been removed, but I'm not sure how to remove it on the main menu outside of battle. I'm using the VS Main Menu plugin if that could offer any specialized assistance. Thank you very much!
  4. How to collect certain item to achieve an secret ending?

    My cousin is trying to find a tutorial or learn how to collect a specific item to achieve a secret ending since they're also adding multiple endings in their game. They told me at the end of the game that the player has multiple choices what to do next of their action, and if the player finds...
  5. FrozenFacade

    Issue with Custom Menu on separate map, using Yanfly Button Common Events.

    Hey all, I was following this tutorial to make a custom menu. Everything worked out great, however I have an issue with using a common event triggered by a button press. The player is able to push this button during movement, which transports them to the custom menu map. If the button is...
  6. MilkZ

    Pokémon trainer AI?

    I’m making my first game and for battles I plan on using something similar to how battles are started in Pokémon (Trainer Sees player and initiates Battle) I’m not making a Pokémon game But would like to know how to do this
  7. Danitinkis

    What would be your reaction if Nintendo contacted you to add a character of your project to Smash?

    I had this idea like a minute ago, and I think it would be awesome to share it with you guys. So, the question is. What would be your reaction if Nintendo contacted you to add a character from your RPG Maker project to the Smash Bros. universe? And also, would you accept it? Mine would be going...
  8. Title Menu Options When You playtest

    Whenever I playtest my game with a title menu I made it always has the white text "new game load game options, etc" on top of what I have -even when I already have my own options. How do I get rid of that?
  9. Sharing MV

    I'm working with a team of about 20 people and none of them have RPG Maker MV available at the moment. Can I share it with them or is that illegal? I at least want them to play my beta demos and I don't think they can without an RTP (Run Time Program). If a mod could help me solve this issue it...
  10. JtheDuelist

    Setting Up Moghunter's Battle Cry Plugin

    How do I set up the voices in it? His site (when translated to English) didn't provide much help. I want to know how in case I add voice acting later.
  11. JtheDuelist

    Steam DLC question (I need to know before Steam's Winter sale ends)

    So I got this newsletter from Steam about RPG Maker sales, but was wondering- is the character on the right of the banner (the girl in the gold/black robe with the red claws and the cat tail) from a RM Steam DLC? If so, what DLC is she from? I would like to have the option to use her in a...
  12. SirLudicrous

    Damage over Time?

    Can somebody tell me how I can make damage over time? I´ve created a fire spell that is supposed to ignite the target. I want it to take damage each turn until the ignite wears off. I went ahead and created a state called "ignited" but I can´t seem to find any traits that simply deal damage...
  13. Problem about Follower Event Touch

    Hi I am using plugin Follower Event Touch by 姫HimeWorks http://himeworks.com/2016/01/follower-event-touch-mv/ And I got some question. Is there way to define different follower the event touch. I want to show different text when an event touch different follower. For example: touch follower 1...
  14. Change Menu Categories Names

    Hey! This is a weird question, but when you click escape in-game, it shows "Items" and all of that stuff.. Can i change the name of the categories? Like change it from items too.. loot or something.. Thanks, Mars
  15. [Question] Music

    First time on the forums here. I don't know where else to ask this, but if I don't plan on selling my game, is it okay to use music from other games? Like the Final Fantasy Series? I have a few spots that music would work great in, but I am not sure if I'd get sued. I imagine as long as I don't...

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