quest design

  1. Need Help with Side Quest Ideas

    Hey guys! I need some help with side quest ideas. My world is set to a fantasy setting and you'll be able to stumble upon quest from a myriad of characters, but not limited to humans or even anything alive(even a stone tablet can give a quest). My issue is I cannot think of enough good ideas...
  2. semperscrewed

    Delivery quest help.

    Hey all, For my first big quest I want to design a delivery. Pretty simple in theory... You're given the task and item, deliver it to its recipient and return to the quest giver and confirm with them that the item has been delivered, receive reward. I've searched pretty hard and really the...
  3. Open World game: story and quest help

    Hey guys, new here to the forum but I'm sure that posting here is the best chance of some advice on what I need. Basically... I'm making a game that is sort of open world... there's several maps but the player can mostly go to any part of any map whenever they want and explore freely. I'm using...
  4. Sushislayer

    Need help with switches

    Okay so This is my first post and I would like to say hello! I am Sushislyaer and after over 20 years of RPG gaming, I have decided to start my own game. Right now everything is in rough development like the dialogue mainly because I just want the quests to work then I will take the time to...
  5. Tai_MT

    The Quest Journal. Necessary?

    So, while playing a lot of RPGs lately, I got to thinking about something. Most every game these days has a Quest Journal, or just a Journal in general in order to keep the player moving forward towards the end of the game while also keeping track of every major, minor, and side quest you pick...

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