quest help

  1. Sparky89

    Help brand new..

    Hello all, i'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace, i literally bought it the other day and spent 12 hours straight onit.. I have done many things already but some things are complicated for me. I was wondering if this fantastic community can help... I'm trying to run a quest that has an NPC MR H request...
  2. Khaz

    [Solved] Battle Event problem

    Hello. I had previously made a thread where I needed help with a couple of things ( This thread specifically ). This thread is regarding the kill counter. Previously the matter had been solved and things were working perfectly fine, but as I've recently done a test run to see if everything's...
  3. Khaz

    Quest help

    Hello. I've a problem - 2 technically, but the other is a more minor one - that I've been trying to wrap my head around and think on how to proceed with it for a few hours now at least. I use Modern Algebra's Quest Journal script where I have a quest that is done in the very first dungeon you...
  4. Sushislayer

    Need help with switches

    Okay so This is my first post and I would like to say hello! I am Sushislyaer and after over 20 years of RPG gaming, I have decided to start my own game. Right now everything is in rough development like the dialogue mainly because I just want the quests to work then I will take the time to...
  5. Damien Darkwood

    Making drop items be detected for quest advancing

    I'm trying to make a simple drop quest for my first practice game, how I do not know how to make the person who is suppose to advance the quest (Dock Dude, as his named) recognise that the player has three of a certain item in their inventory; although, I can get him to detect if they just have...

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