1. TheGameAfter

    Quest System - Resource (TGA)

    Hey Game Makers, I'm here with another post to share the resources I found after looking for the best 'Quest' System for my mv project, I hope this will help some people who looking in general or for specific needs in a 'Quest' System for their game. (Poss/Cones will be added for some of them...
  2. Black Pagan

    A Quests Board - Whats your Suggestion ?

    Here is a Feature that I have been planning for my Puzzle / Combat / RPG Tower Climb Game - A Quest Board. While the main purpose of a quest board in most games is to provide you Side quests, I intend to make it one of the Main Features of the Game, Which lets you continue the Story-line. To...
  3. Sparky89

    Impassable Field tile.

    Hey all, wondering if you know how i can achieve the below.. I have a ruin on field tiles on my world map.. Player enters ruin does stuff.. player leaves ruin.. i want that ruin to be blocked after i entered first time. How do i achieve this i know how to block tiles ( same as character ) or...
  4. Alonzo

    Yanfly Map Quest Windows HELP! !

    Hi everybody, i need some help with this wonderful plugin, my problem is: i need more active quests showing in the map. how i can put multiples active quests? Please somebody help me! Thanks :hswt:
  5. QueenTeaYT

    Quest Log script not working?

    My "Quest Log" script ( ) isn't working when I try to access my quest log. I also use a "Non-Combat Menu" script ( ) if that matters. Both are under MATERIALS, the menu script immediately...
  6. Trouble with Specific Battle Event

    Ok, so to summarize I have a quest in which you're asked to kill 5 of a certain enemy within a certain amount of time. The timer works fine, so does the switch that activates once the timer reaches 0:00 and the proper text prompt comes up when you manage to complete the quest and return to the...
  7. ValkyrieStudios

    RMVXA Why The Pen Bleeds

    Embark on a journey with Saher, a noble messenger who mysteryously gets transported to a hidden village within the mind of his Host. There he encounters strange villagers who has been trapped within the depths of the Host's mind. Will he be able to escape? Or will he succumb to the enchantment...
  8. CreativeVulpine

    Having trouble with YanFly's Quest Journal Plugin

    For some reason these tags appear in the game test, I am unable to figure out how to remove them. Please help. Thank you! Edit: Ok so here is the plugin site YanFlyQuestJournal This is the text from the Quest itself: {"Title":"Scattered Memories","Type":"Main...
  9. Final_zero

    Quest system 2.0

    Hey guys please point me to it if it is out there but i'm struggling to find what i'm looking for. It could just be me. So in my game there are 2 request boards. The left board is called the yellow board and contains only one quest at a time, The main story quest. The one on the right is the...
  10. Fox Archer

    RMVXA Full of Mysteries [Remastered]

    Good day to all! After almost a year, I finally almost finished work on a new, expanded version of my small quest called Full of Mysteries. Maybe one of you has already seen the post with this game... But I decided to make a new post because this version will be completely different from the...
  11. Alien9000

    I can not figure out this event

    I must have tried so many times, the hour flew by. Yet I came up with nothing. Somehow even made it a bit worse. Just PLEASE give me this one. So my even request is, you talk to this guy in a bar. He also says he wont give you what you want until the request is done. He says he wants this other...
  12. UglyStru

    [YEP.152] Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin Not Showing "Quest" Option in Menu?

    I have the YEP_CoreEngine, YEP_MessageCore, and YEP_QuestJournal plugins installed. Inside the Quest Journal plugin has the Show Command, Enable Command, and Auto Place Command all set to "true". However, the option for "Quest" still doesn't show up in my main menu. Is there an event I need to...
  13. Should you include humorous sidequests in a serious game?

    Hey, all! I've got a quick question that I was hoping to hear some of your opinions on. If you are playing an RPG where the main scenario has a dark tone, such as FFVI, and the sidequests in the game are mostly humorous, would you appreciate the optional, temporary breaks from the somber mood...
  14. NectherLouieSouribio

    RMMV Default Fantasy: Aldo's Quest

    DEVELOPMENT STATUS: Battle Mechanics. LINKS: | RMN |
  15. HumanNinjaToo

    Creating interesting/dynamic side quests

    So I am of the mind that sidequests should help add to the experience of the game. For instance, I plan to make use of almost all the NPCs that I create for the town/castle area of my game. I am implementing a hidden fame level that will increase each time the player helps out around town...
  16. Melina

    Add Mosnter Drop Quest

    I just begann with my first game and I think for the first time its pretty good but there is one thing I dont understand. Where or how you make Monster Drop Quest or item quest. I wanted to do it like that, that the faher of the second "Hero" wanted that I bring him 5 Monster Eyes and thats a...
  17. Fox Archer

    RMVXA Full of Mysteries [Remastered] ~Complete~

    1915. Western Russia. The captain of the Russian army named Alexey during one of the battles is seriously injured. He was saved, but he is no longer allowed to fight, and so he goes home. However, the train on which Alexey was to return home, crashes, while the captain himself miraculously...
  18. Aien2323

    Moghunter Scene_Menu with GameusQuestSystem

    So I'm having difficulty getting these two scripts to run together. I also have YEP_MainMenuManager. The problem comes from the Quest%20Journal.png file not being in the img/menus/main/commands directory as seen in the attached picture. But I added one as seen in the second attachment. In...
  19. Runako

    Assistance with quest delivery system (pictures included)

    Hello, good evening (or morning, night, dusk, or afternoon depending where you're at)! :kaohi: I am asking for assistance: What would be the best way to go about this system, eventing or plugin. If eventing, then how can I set this up? I am working on a game that delivers the player a quest...
  20. Fox Archer

    RMVXA Oana (Remastered - 05/01/2017)

    The game tells the story of Oana - a girl who lives with her mother in a place called Sotun Forest. Once, before the next hike in the woods with her mother, Oana saw an unusual flower. As she approached him, she felt weak and then fell unconscious. She was woke up alone in the dark, rainy...

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