1. TetsuyaHikari

    Need help making quests run properly in a menu based game

    I'll try to explain this the best way I can. So, I'm currently working on a project which is a Dungeon RPG. For those of you familiar with the genre, you know most of the interacting is done through menus. That's what I've been doing for my project as well and most of it has been working fine...
  2. pinatacookies


    I am getting frustrated with the small problems I am having that aren't answered in the manual... I placed trees down in my world map, but I want to make them to where you can't step on top of them. Is this possible via the region function? Thanks!
  3. pinatacookies

    Multiconditional Event

    Help! I am making a quest in RPG Maker, and in order to save a LOT of time, I am trying to make it to where once you collect all quest items (mushrooms), then a specific switch is turned in order to complete the NPC quest. However, I cannot find any way to make a multiconditional switch... I'd...
  4. PrimeHover

    PH - Quest Book

    Version 2.0   Introduction Script that allows you to create a quest book that can be managed by a single common event and plugin commands. License This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  To view a copy of this license...
  5. HalcyonDaze

    Vlue's Quest System Error

    With the Quest System I can get it to work fine with the default settings, but when I go to try and create a new quest and get it to run in the game, I get an error that says, "Cannot read property "1" of null" as soon as I test the project. I can't even make it to the title screen. I've gone...
  6. hawkeye77o4

    [RMVX] Dragon Warrior 2 Style Lottery Mini Game

    I am looking for a helpful and generous volunteer to help me develop a Dragon Warrior 2 style lottery mini game.   Lottery @ 7:34   Thanks everyone!
  7. Kane Hart

    Request: Basic Questing Script / Plugin.

    Hello Friends. I'm hoping in the future of a Basic Questing System similar to the one Vlue made. It was more modern and clean and I enjoyed having the log show up on the screen. Some suggestions overall. A exclamation/question mark system in the world above npc's/objects via events to...
  8. Sinweaver

    Kill X counter

    I am aware about the existence of multiple thread regarding this issue and about how the troops common event will be ignored when the last monster dies. There are a few scripts out there to deal with this issue, HBK's Simple Stupid - Common Event on Battle End(doesn't seem to be working for some...
  9. Sinweaver

    Collection quest

    I don't think I have seen a topic like this in the forum yet, so I am wondering if anyone can give me a pointer or two about how to get around my issue.. Lets say that I have a quest asking the player to collect 5 apples The player can only gather the apple when the quest is active The player...
  10. mjshi

    Script Bundle: One-Player Menu + Mobius's Quest Journal

    Mobius's Quest Journal 2.0 and Tigerus Fay's One-Player Menusystem compatibilityized by mjshi (Mobius's Quest Journal (hereafter referred to quest journal) is CC Attribution Sharealike Tigerus Fay's One-Player Menusystem (hereafter referred to as 1P menu and/or one player menu) is CC...
  11. To quest or not to quest

    Hello all I'm trying to design a RPG that resemble oldies like FFVI, Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire 3. My question is: Should I use something like MA quest script to handle the main quest / side quests or should I assume that the player has enough retentive memory to handle that?. For me it...
  12. Bencraft

    WeedVentures - The Quest for Weed

    WeedVentures - The Quest for Weed   Welcome to WeedVentures - The Quest for Weed. It is a game made by Bencraft Productions. WeedVentures is based on the so called "MLG" vidoes around the internet, which goes a lot on loud noises, weed, darude - sandstorm, shrek and a lot lot more! Even though...
  13. Teneven

    How to make quests?

    I'm really surprised it's not already there. Really should be. Anyway, I need help with making quests. I'll use a lot of them, side quests, gather quests, main quests, etc. I don't know Ruby, and I've tried scripts. Problem is, I don't know how to use the quest scripts. And, also, the one I used...
  14. Saro0fDemons

    An Unlikely Adventure Beta V1.1

    1.3 Update! Download -Pressing Q and W cycle through options in status window,equipment view,combat viewing enemy info, etc. -Added Moverestrict script - Credit to Yanfly - keeps character out of water, allows certain enemies to move through it -Realized Yanfly scripts are one of the greatest...
  15. Verocduex

    Modern Algebra Quest Log help

    Hello everyone I'm new but have got into the development of my game really well but i decided to us modern algebras quest log script and it gives me a argument error too many arguments (0 for 1) here is the link for the quest log script http://pastebin.com/C11ztBrA
  16. Candacis

    Order of Menu options, Save and Quest Menu

    Hey, so I was wondering where I would change the order in which the menu options appear. I mean, like Skills, Status, Save etc. Or even hide or exclude some of the options. For instance, if I want to make my own save menu, and don't have game end as a separate option. Could that even be done...
  17. typhon01

    Typhon01 Quest Log

    Typhon01 Quest Log Typhon01     Introduction This is a quest log script that I wrote to provide a scene that can list any and all active "quests" that the player may have at any given time. What makes my system unique? Read on to find out!   Features -  "File and switch" based. All of the...
  18. DRS

    Quest Log - Script

    Hello, everyone.    I've finally finished my Quest Log v 1.2 script. I would like to share it with whomever is interested. It is simple to use, and looks nice, in my opinion. Here are some screen shots: I'm using a custom Window Skin that I made here, but it will work just fine...
  19. Hekudan

    Help with Quest Journal (also, link to download)

    Hi Hi, ok so this is the link if you are interested on having a quest journal: http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,45127.0.html but my question here is, how do I use it? I'm bad at searching on forums, I tried using the "Ctrl F" on many pages but no tips about this specific script, in case anyone...
  20. Quest log for commercial

    Hey, I can't script (But I'm good at making art/sprites :D ), so I wanted to ask for a script that adds a quest log, it should be a simple one, I need the script for a commercial project. Hope you guys can help me, MRColourblock :)

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