1. Impstar

    Quest System Troubles in CSCA Script

    I find myself with a somewhat embarrassing problem.  I'm an extremely new user with very little experience even with pre-made scripts.  I've been trying to use a CSCA script for creating a quest system.  It seems very promising, and I've even got the quest menu to appear in the menu (via a...
  2. iKiWY

    Help With Completed Quest Map Change

    Hello There! I'm new to RPG Maker (I got it today) so I need some help: I'm making a map full of islands connected with bridges. There are about 3-4 quests per island. I don't want players running to the last island and complete a boos there, because all the quests are connected in story. So I...
  3. Farlon303

    Help with Gameover script

    I wanted to use a script where after the game over screen the player wouldn't be transported to the title but the last town they visited. This script here works in VX but not in VXAce. I'm not very good with scripting here so I was wondering if anyone knew how to get this to work in VXAce?  It...
  4. Randommerade

    Quest Log & System w/o Scripts, the Easy-Peasy Way

    Welcome to my first guide :) This guide will show you how to make a quest log, the easiest way possible. Note that I said "easy," this may not be a good way to do it, it's just how I went about it. Note that you must not be using the "Key Items" feature of RPG Maker VX Ace in order to do this...
  5. How to make a "Quest Journal"?

    Hi All This is my first post here, so apologies if it is the wrong place. I am brand new to VX Ace, although I have previously made RPG'ers in the old NWN Aurora toolest. I am struggling with a number of issues at the moment, but am working through them. However, I am trying to create a...
  6. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Quest Ideas?

    I'm making my game obviously, and I need some quest ideas...I can't think of any good quests, I want some to have fighting enemies finding something, helping someone, just good quests...I need some help I can't think of any good ones! Thanks.
  7. Deliver people

    HI, I'm trying to deliver a person as a quest. I have everything figured out up until the part where the person leaves my party. I need them to leave my party and then show up on that map as like an NPC type person. I have the remove from party done too. I just need to know how to make the...
  8. quest items

    I need to have 5 slime balls for a quest to be completed. How do I set it so that the guy requires 5 slime balls.
  9. wrigty12

    Script for "Paper Mario Trouble Center"-like Quest Board

    I am looking for a script that would allow me to have a "Trouble Center" like from Paper Mario 2. This would include new quests appearing after certain Switches are activated, and also completing a quest can allow a new quest to be viewed. I cannot find a picture example at the moment, but if...
  10. MobiusXVI

    Mobius's Quest Journal

    Mobius's Quest Journal 2.3 by MobiusXVI Release Notes Oct 2013 - v. 1.0 Initial Release Oct 2013 - v. 1.1 Added Quest Maker functionality Mar 2014 - v. 1.15 Improved Quest Maker to be more user friendly Jun 2014 - v. 1.2 Minor script compatibility improvement Jul 2014 - v. 2.0...
  11. Whitlinger

    Item Quest

    Hey, guys! I have a question. If I want the player to collect a few different items, that they have to give to a certain NPC to complete a quest, how would I do so with a variable? Thanks for your help!
  12. Reedo

    RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    Reedo's Simple Quest System (RSQS) Version 0.3 (beta) September 23, 2013 By Reedo References None. This is an original script by Reedo. Description RSQS is an easy-to-use quest system.  The RSQS script is purely about managing quests and is not a quest journal.  The RQJS (Reedo's Quest...
  13. I need help with a scripting error in quest journal!

    I am pretty new at this so.... I am using a script called Quest Journal and I created a quest and I got this: from this script: when 1 # Quest 1 - Find the Hithrow pieces 1/5 q[:name] = "Find the Hithrow pieces 1/5" q[:level] = 1 q[:icon_index]...
  14. Evil

    Need help setting up some quests

    Ok I have a couple of problems let me lay the scene out for you first  Hero wakes up in his room  (cut scene tells him to go down stairs for breakfast) his dad is in the study I have it to where if he talks to dad before mom he just says "oh hi son your up early"  hero takes stairs down (cut...
  15. EpicKitty88

    Rainbow Caves: Violet

    Attached is a picture of one of my Rainbow Caves. In Kitty's Quest, one of my RPGXP games, an anthro named Kitty travels to several different world the find the gems that will save her cats from being hunted by a pack of wolves called the Skylights. The land of the Rainbow Guardians is one of...

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