1. CSpringer205

    About the actors leaving the party and rejoining...

    I am curious about one thing about an actor leaving and rejoining the party. When an actor leaves and then rejoins the party at a later time, will their current level and equipment be carried over?
  2. Mr-Kangaroo

    Is it Possible to Make Enemy Specific BGM?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is some hidden setting that allows BGM to change to the random encounter ID? The desired effect is just having enemy specific music. I'd rather the butterflies not have the same battle music as the wolves. :') Could I somehow make it location dependent as...
  3. Mr-Kangaroo

    How do I Make a 'No-Pass Tile' Event Interactable?

    I have a barrel. I add event on same tile as barrel. Make event same level as player, and triggered by action button. Nothing happens. More generally asking, how do I make an event interactable when it is on an impassable tile, like a wall, or a large object?
  4. Mr-Kangaroo

    Vanishing NPC Help Please

    Can't figure out what the hell is making this NPC vanish at the start of the scene, I was extra careful with my switches too.(NPC in question is "Gonzo")
  5. Technical404

    Which RPG Maker should i use?

    Hi! I'm currently working in a RPG Maker VX Ace game with Mage/Spellcaster Kittens, my idea for it was using a PTB battle system, but i couldn't figure out how to use it, so a question came over my mind: I Have RPG Maker MV installed too. Should i use it instead of VX Ace? Basically its just the...
  6. How to add an icon to the gold window?

    I simply wonder if there's a VX Ace script that would let me add an icon graphic to the gold window in the menu. Any ideas?
  7. Any way to download/publish RPG Maker FES games

    Hello:LZYsmile: I started making a game in RPG Maker FES for fun and to try and work with the limitations of the software. However, I just found out today that you cannot download games created by other users anymore. I am also assuming you can’t publish games either. Is there any way to still...
  8. Help on making an enemy casting bar that changes per turn

    Hello! I wanted to know if there was a way to show a picture mid battle that is akin to a casting bar, but I don't want the casting time to be in real time, just increasing by increments of like 25% each turn or something along those lines. With the image of a casting bar slowly filling up...
  9. Make so a cycle doesn't repeat?

    Sorry if this question has been asked too many times but, I wanted an NPC to give an object to the player but, I don't want so that every time you talk to the NPC he gives the item again, how can I close this cycle?
  10. Tailo_Sakane

    RMMV A quick question on basic Coding Logic (SOLVED)

    Howdy y'all! I'm learning how to do code with MV and I've come across this basic For Loop that I THINK I'm reading correctly but if I am then the logic seems weird to me, so I'm hoping someone here can help me to understand it all better. The For Loop is this: var x =...
  11. TheRealFame

    Hey! I wanna take the windowskin from my current game. And-

    Continuing from subject. - I want to then take the textbox from it. And use it in other material. Like using it on a website or making a gif with the textbox. Like how people have this undertale site up. Undertale site. Is there anyway to do it? Like a python script that takes the windowset...
  12. taterbot44

    hey guys riddle me this

    why isn't there a rule in the RPG Maker plugins program or whatever that says you must not make your plugins cost money, when i see an interesting plugin like, random example, a quest log plugin, and it costs money. i FLIP THE HECK OUT, WHY THE HELL DO PLUGIN MAKERS ALWAYS MAKE THEIR QUEST LOG...
  13. [RMXP] Is it possible to use ccoa's UMS to have multiple SE 'voices' for different characters?

    Hello, I'm very sorry if this is the wrong place to post! I'm extremely new to all this :kaoslp: I've been slowly learning how ccoa's UMS script works and how it's possible to play a sound effect whenever a letter of text appears. I really like this feature and want to use it, but I'm curious...
  14. Text Formatting - How can I insert a space?

    I'm using a plugin that shows text in it's own window and in order to add text to this window I can use a Plugin Command. The issue I'm running into with this is: It doesn't seem to work well with spaces. I try to input something like 'Test Text' and it would show up as: 'Test I've also tried...
  15. RMMV Noob can't get test plugin to work

    I'm trying to learn javascript/Rpgmaker scripting but there's so many issues i don't understand, i want this test plugin I'm working on to just display a picture when a battle starts but i have no idea how to "call"/ make rpgmaker check the plugin and execute the code this works fine in the...
  16. How to make using an item change variables during an event?

    I'm trying to make an item that controls a variable during a scene. The item menu is called with SceneManager.push(Scene_Item) and I can select and use the item. The item's effect is a common event that adds to the variable. However, it doesn't do that. The item is consumed, but the variable...
  17. Need help with this event

    So I am trying to do this event for my visual novel style game. It's bringing up the choice menu, but it's not following through with the events. I've tried running it as a parallel process as well, but got myself stuck in a loop and it still wasn't following through. This is the event, and...
  18. Ezclados

    Best Screen Color Command Values For Night Burning Villages?

    Hello, everyone. I wanted to ask, does anyone know the best command value of screen tint for a village that burns at night? I've tried a few times but I'm not sure if it's the best for many people.
  19. How can I make an NPC move with the animation?

    This is the video of said NPC. I want the toilet paper to unroll while still and then move when it rolls back up. Or at the very least I just want this to look good. How can I do this?
  20. SoupToon

    Fast Travel broke ;(

    I'm having an issue making a fast travel system for my game. The problem in question is that, it was working fine before, but then I made some adjustments and the code stopped working and now I can't get it to work again. It's a combination of common events and conditional branches and I don't...

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