1. DreamstarStudios

    Extra Faces

    Sorry I ask so many questions. Trying to get a feel for what I can and can't do. ;.; Is there a way or a plugin to get more reaction face images than the alotted 8?
  2. DreamstarStudios

    Would this be Weird

    So I was tossing around this idea about a game based on a webcomic plot I once had and I got to thinking what if I did the web comic and the game and used the webcomic to expand on aspects of the story I couldn't put in the game , whether bc it wouldn't fit or bc I couldn't make the T rating if...
  3. DreamstarStudios

    Assets Question

    Is there a template or tutorial for how to make add on parts for the character generator to make character packs? Would I break the generator by making new face parts for the face image maker in a different style? Sorry for all my dumb questions. I just wanna expand my asset making capabilities.
  4. Is this a good idea, or not?

    Hi! I've been planning my game for some months and the only thing im not totally happy with is one specific idea that Im scared about. I love it but I think it will make people avoid my game. The thing is, my game is a medieval classic rpg, and I know it's very common that's why my game won't...
  5. i need help with backup

    Exactly what I wrote above, but different from the usual i wanted one that automatically backed up to my computer after a few minutes and worked without internet could that be a bit demanding? yes, i'm kinda new to this but i think this would save me
  6. Custom Skill with random effects not activating properly.

    Hello, I came here to ask for some help with a custom skill I am trying to make, as I am not the best at programming. The skill is supposed to inflict one enemy with one status effect chosen from 4 provided ones. I have gotten it to partially work, but during test battles this keeps happening...
  7. SoupToon

    Loading Error - I don't even know

    I'm really new to this, I'm using RPG Maker MV, so maybe this is just something that happens but I've encountered a very perplexing issue. I was trying to playtest my game when I was presented with this. I checked the img folder and there is no sign of SumRndmDde. I have no idea what's going...
  8. Post to the internet

    I read that it is illegal to dispute software withput permission so I was wondering if possible to have permission to make posts to social media about my RPG maker game
  9. Plugins in the Nintendo switch eShop

    Hello I was wondering if It was possible to use plugins in the Nintendo switch by purchase them in the eShop ? Like a character creation assist or tactical system romance system stuff like that for rpgs
  10. Mythology

    Is it ok to put mythology figures and gods from the mythology including historical figures or other gods in my own games for example if I want to make a game based on the titanomachy is it ok to make a game like that with any game engine or rpg maker ?
  11. Use the name corrin

    Would it be ok if name my original protagonist after corrin the protagonist of fire emblem fates corrin happens to be my favorite fire emblem Character mainly since l like dragons so yeah but is it ok to use the same name of the fire emblem characters?
  12. How do I remove the flashing and shake from the start of a battle?

    I'm currently working on a scene where the lights flicker out, and then (in secret) the player is sent to a different room and then a battle is triggered. However, when the battle starts, it has that flash/zoom effect, which reveals that you're in a new room. how do I stop this from happening?
  13. How to make an Armour Changing system that changes both sprite and menu portrait?

    Hi All, Looking for help with how to make a system that changes my character's appearance based on what armour they have equipped. Complete programming baby, but I did make a loop that "functioned" how I intended, only at the cost of all my frames. Trying to find a method without using...
  14. asuran20

    Is there a way to use less variables or does it not matter that much?

    I am completely new to RPG Maker and I am curious about variables. If I want to set an event that needs a character, I could assign him a variable and call it when I need an event that only runs with him but, I quickly realized that thousands of variables would be used for things like this...
  15. lunarrosecrow

    Possible Types of Weapons?

    Hey guys I have a question I'm in the process of making a sci-fi game and was wondering since it's kinda rare you never really see many games with guns in the RPG Maker MV SV engine is it possible to have a battler use a Sniper Rifle or any form of 2 handed guns without having to make a custom...
  16. I know it may be a common question but I cant word it good enough for google, how do I turn off anti aliasing?

    sorry if I sound stupid I probably shouldnt be rushing here juat because im too burnt out and lazy at the moment to think of a better solution but whatever the moderators can just delete this post if its not good enough,
  17. NIP

    old thread

    idk how to delete threads so uh
  18. MagicFool64

    Problem with effect

    Hi, I have an issue: I'm trying to use Effekseer for RMMZ, in order to make effects for skill animations. But, when I select the file for choosing the animation, it doesn't show up. I want to notify that I selected the texture from the folder of the game. Precisely, from the texture folder from...
  19. How do I make battle events that move a player to a different room?

    I'm working on a project where I'm using a battle as part of the storytelling - basically, you're suddenly attacked, told some cryptic stuff, then the battle ends after a few turns, transferring you to a different map in the process. What I've been doing is I've got a Troop made up of a single...
  20. Luna117

    Can I force a player to use a skill only on a specific enemy?

    Hi! In my RPG one of the player character works kind of like a constructor snake. It's actually a slime that attaches to an enemy. During its turn, it can use one of its abilities to attach to an enemy. Once it uses this ability, it has to use its turn to either keep constricting the enemy or...

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