1. RMMV How do I move and make bigger dialogue portraits?

    Are there any plugins and stuff? I need them to look like this
  2. How can I make a thing that will be called by spell, attack and immediately disappear?

    Sideview battle. Party member casts some spell, a figure appears above his head, plays an animation, effects appear on enemies, then the figure disappears until the next cast of this spell. Basically a Persona if you know what I mean. How do i make something like that? What plugins and stuff do...
  3. Collapse Effect

    What does each collapse effect exactly do?
  4. RMMV Ballon on Party Member

    So, I have a cutscene, and in that cutscene, Character B mocks Character C. Both characters are Party Members. I would like Character C to display a ballloon animation over her head. Do I have to make a separate event for this, or is there some other way I could do it?
  5. Weapon Image Animation

    So, I just downloaded some weapon animations from Amy's MV Stuff, and am trying to use it. What I'm asking is that: 1.) Do you have to merge custom-made Weapon Images with the original one that comes with RPG Maker MV? 2.) If not, how can I go about using the separate sheet? Is there a plugin...
  6. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV MOGHunter HPGauge - Add total HP

    Hello guys. I tried to understand the script but i can't figure out how to add the total HP of a monster, near the actual hp. This is the script: I thought that it could be more cool in a way like this... where at left you have actual hp, and...
  7. Crazya

    Are the fresh start game dev assets from Humblebundle worth it for MZ?

    Hey! I am still new to the forums and forgive me if this is the wrong place. I even used search to see if I could find anyone else's opinion on these. Not sure where I could ask general questions. I am still extremely new to RPGmaker MZ. I came across the humble bundle for "Fresh start game...
  8. jmonkey106

    How to spread out following companions?

    The sprites I use for the companions/other actors in my game are big and overlap with each other when walking behind the main actor. Is there anyway to spread them out so the sprites don't overlap? To be more specific I mean when you're walking and your companions follow behind you, my...
  9. jmonkey106

    How to teleport event in front of Player?

    Basically I want an event to spawn/teleport in front of the player after their first random encounter. But since this is a random encounter they could be anywhere when this happens. I think I may have some idea on how to do this but don't know how to write it, I'd want to find the x and y of the...
  10. TrentL111

    Force Weapon to be Off-Hand only

    Hello everyone. I am using the Visustella Battle Core plugin. Is there any way to force certain weapons to be off-hand or main-hand weapons only while Dual Wielding, like having them unable to be equipped to the other?
  11. RMMV "Macclunkey !!!!!!" *Gets shot*

    So , i had a epiphany a during quarentine and thought about creating this RPG/Fighting/School Simulator game where you play as a student in this futuristic school/city and you can switch characters and play as every other student living in the city. I've already thought about all the small...
  12. Ksyoush

    Need help with a "change clothes" event

    So,i tried to do this. It worked but I also want the old image to return if i choose change clothes again. But the new one just stays permanently. How to fix it?
  13. MagicFool64

    Hide Parameters (solved)

    Hi, i'm using Visustella Core Engine for customizing my game, and I want to hide some parameters, or deleting them. The only parameters I want to use are Health Points, Mana Points, Attack, Defense, Luck and Agility. How can I do it?
  14. MagicFool64

    Remove Shutdown Option

    I'using RPGMaker MZ, and I'm wondering how to remove the Shutdown option. Do I need Visustella's Core Engine?
  15. Shower effect

    Hi makers! I'm making a therma pool and I was looking for a way of doing a shower effect on a character. But I can't have two events (one with the character and one with the water effect) on the same tile (obviously)... So how can I do it? Do I need to create an animated sprite with character...
  16. If I make my own gaming system, can I put the game I created on there and sell the gaming system along with the game??

    If I make a gaming system or arcade machine out of a raspberry pi (a computer) and put my game(s) made with mv on it and keep the powered by mv screen image that appears on the game in the beginning on there... Will I be allowed to sell my game including the device on there? I'm planning to...
  17. haruspero

    RMMV Yanfly Action Sequence compatible with MOG LMBS?

    Just wanted to know if there's anyone out there that got them together to work successfully, or if its impossible.
  18. Help regarding walls and borders(?)

    heya, i never expected to see myself posting on here when most of the questions i wanted to ask were already answered, but here i am regardless so, in a test project im working on, im trying to create a "border" effect along the walls, as shown in the screenshot below, courtesy of yume nikki...
  19. Xavi_2073

    How does Degica Shop Work? Help

    I am attempting to buy RPG MAKER MV + RPG MAKER MV - ADD-ON PACK, but the mailing address is somehow incorrect. How does Degica Shop work? Like will they send a download link, email, activation code, or mail? Is it required to place the exact address as the Credit/Visa card? I recently...
  20. Character Names and Classes Overlap

    Hey-de-hi. To get right on down to the point, I have this issue where the name of my character and their class overlap in the pause menu window if the character's name is long enough. How would I move the area where the character's class is displayed to the right so it's not in the way of the...

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