1. Nimbus

    [RPG Maker MZ] Quick Questions Thread

    Hey guys, as we're all exploring MZ and trying out the new features, I figure a lot of us might have quick questions on things like keyboard shortcuts, where old features have been moved to, etc. Usually stuff like that doesn't require its own thread so I thought it might be nice to consolidate...
  2. Skydiver

    Many many questions 2

    Hey, it's me again! Now some concrete questions: A lot of WEAPONS: 1)No matter how high i set the Attack, the system makes a "MISS" out of the attack. Why? 2)"Wooden Sword": How can I make it burn if the enemy fights by fire? 3)"Blessed Dagger": If nothing else can kill someone/somnething, then...
  3. Skydiver

    Many many questions

    Hey, I hope i found the right discussion. I have many questions. It would be cool if you could help me... I am sorry for my bad English.... Hope you understand what i mean. 1)What does the block "R" mean on the left (where you can see tilesets)? 2)Is it possible to make day, twilight and night...


    Hi, i just need help with my game, im new a RPG Maker MV, I'm creating a game that is based on learning, so my idea was for a character to go through several cities facing other people and in battles ask the player questions and how to give him a type of answer A, B, C, D and the character as...
  5. a_a

    How long does it take to make full game

    I'm thinking about buying the engine, but I'm also not sure if i'll have the time to do anything. How long does it take to make full game?
  6. Question regarding RPG Maker MV trial

    Hi! I was recently thinking of getting RPG maker MV but wanted to try it first of all and have a couple of questions if anyone could answer them :) 1) what limits are in the trail? 2) is it worth starting now until I buy it or will the data not transfer to the main thing ? 3) is there anyway...
  7. Is MV a good engine for this project?

    Hey everyone. I'm brand new to the forum and was hoping for someone to point me in the right direction or give some quick tips. I have had an idea for a game in my head for a couple of years now and I want to actually put in the work to make it a reality. My idea is a turn-based strategy game...
  8. Monochrome until triggered event??

    So, I have this idea but I'm not even sure if it could be implemented. Would it be possible to have an entire area/map (maybe even the entire game) be playable in Monochrome unless a certain event is triggered, and then when event is triggered the colour pops back into the area/map/entire...
  9. KB

    Can't Create intro Cutscene

    Hi, I downloaded RPG Maker XP yesterday because I was interested in trying to make a commercial quality game. I'm having a little trouble, though. For one thing, I know that it's possible to create intro cutscenes because a demo game I downloaded had them, but the tutorials I've watched are...
  10. ShapeshiftIdentity

    Seeking experienced RMMV maker to mentor me

    Firstly, I apologize if I am posting this thread on the wrong board! I am brand new to RPGMaker software, and I have decided to create a game using RMMV. I have solid ideas and a clear outline for a game that I want to create, with a pretty good idea of how things would conceptually work. The...
  11. Im New and need help! Visual Novel Maker Password Loop

    Hi my friends! Im actualy new in this world of visual novel maker. Im trying my best to develope my own visual novel but im struggling to make the most common things haha. basicaly my atual problem is: i need to make a loop in a password event. Like: the "player" need to write the password...
  12. soniiiety

    why is most of the rpg games have no male's?

    I been searching and found out that alot for the cool games have females and no males at all? why is this ??? I don't understand people should make it so you could be a male in their game not just female, not everyone is female or like to be that in a game? let me know what the reason is...
  13. OM3GA-Z3RO

    Thread questions

    "As a veteran" (I say in a snobbish tone), I have been lurking in these forums for years because I love this community and I can call it my home for rpg making, lately I have been disappearing a little often and I had this long span of time to being away from this place. Now that I am back and...
  14. Questions about RMMV

    I want to create a game and I have a few questions. This game will be a MORPG (multiplayer online rpg, not a massive multiplayer online rpg) game that simulates the dinamics of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG Books. The main quest will be the main quest of the books. I want players with voice...
  15. Pedro Poupado


    hi guys im new and needed some guidance for my game so i thought qould be better to just ask most things i remember in a single thread: (sorry i ask so much but its better this way, i know some things are too easy) 1- change the menu music? (i could change the image, but wanted to change music...
  16. TheBliss

    Creating a RPG Maker MV Game & Than Selling It Online Questions

    Hey, I literally just joined this forum. Although I have heard about RPG Maker for a while now, I thought it would be interesting to make a game using the program. I am also interested in selling a game, online, after I finish creating it. As I was browsing through the site and forums here, I...
  17. Oscar92player

    YEP Active Time Battle - Questions, questions and more questions

    Hello everyone! I recently started to use YEP Active Time Battle. Starting with the default parameters, I saw a few things I would like to change. As many of you know, Yanfly doesn't give support to the ATB and CTB plugins anymore, so I need to ask you, the community, for help in order to...
  18. Neil London

    Dialog while event is walking questions

    I hope this is in the right place   I'm trying to start an event movement with dialog while it is moving, BUT I don't want the next dialog to start until the movement is completed and the event start moving again.   From what I understand, you either  have the event moving with no...
  19. GoodSelf

    Is this a balanced stat distribution?

    So, I was going to design a game using a 50 point system, meaning that I can assign 50 points on a blank slate to create a character; Here are the values each point represents: HP / 1Point = 10 HP MP, and all Paramaters / 1Point = 2 In this system, a perfectly balanced character would have...
  20. Cinnamon Dev

    Clock of Atonement?

    Clock of Atonement what is clock of atonement, You play this game as a guy who stalks a girl. You loved that girl very much and you killed her because of your crazy love. A stranger gives you "clock of atonement" and you get a chance to fix what you did.    Development details Made...

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