1. DK

    RMMZ Quest System - Adds a quest system.

    Author: DKPlugins Version: 0.1.0 ALPHA Description: Adds a quest system. Features: Quest objectives: Objectives that can be completed by the plugin command. Objectives with progress, which can be managed either through the plugin command, or automatically track progress, for example, from...
  2. Tairon

    I've so many questions.

    Question number 1! What is the best way for a new person with a lot of questions to go about asking them? Different forums arent all the same so what I usually do is gather a bunch of question over a week or so (which I've done) then post them together. But I think that due to the nature of this...
  3. Pheonix KageDesu

    Simple Quests System (journal and quests tracking)[MZ, MV]

    Simple Quests System 1.2 Pheonix KageDesu Introduction Simple quests journal and quets tracking system on map Features: Quests journal (similar to one in game TES Skyrim) and simple quests managment Quest journal visually full customizable via Plugin Paramters Active quests system -...
  4. lordvalinar

    [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    Kill Quest Assistant (v1.0) LordValinar Introduction This plugin was designed to assist "kill quests" in mind. Basically you get a quest to kill 10 bandits, and you want a variable to increase for each bandit you kill, but doing so with vanilla RPG Maker is difficult since "if enemyHP % <= 0"...
  5. Gravemaster

    Vlue's Basic Quest System Minor Modification

    I will include the 1.3 version of the script here, as the version one can find by just googling is 1.1. I think I originally got mine from a compilation of all of vlue's scripts as a steam workshop item, but I'm not sure. Anyway. A ) What I need changed, is the removal of any interaction on...
  6. QueenTeaYT

    Quest Log script not working?

    My "Quest Log" script (https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/quest-log-script.30961/ ) isn't working when I try to access my quest log. I also use a "Non-Combat Menu" script (https://rpgmaker.net/scripts/603/ ) if that matters. Both are under MATERIALS, the menu script immediately...
  7. Neil-Hamersly

    simple mining system

    Hello I would like help the easiest way to add mining/ farming into my game. If it could randomly drop?
  8. Joshua13342

    I need an NPC that gives quests based on an actor's level

    As the title suggests, I am trying to make an NPC that gives players a quest based on their lead actor's level. I have the game set that the first character is naturally a slightly higher level than the rest, and I would like to set the event to respond to that. I need a little bit more...
  9. andrus

    Quest help: x Itens for x gold

    Hi people, I'm new in RPGM MV and i need some help! If you could help me, i'll appreciate it. I'm creating some kind of "collecting quest". So let's say the hero can harvest x numbers of an item. And then he can sell it for 2 golds to a man. So if the hero has 1 item its easy in event...
  10. Switches?

    I have a switch for each quest that turns on when you receive it. NPC's then know the switch is on and you can talk to them about the quest . When you finish the quest the switch turns off, but then the next time you talk to the quest giver he gives you the quest you just completed. Does anyone...
  11. Ellie Jane

    RMMV Open-World RPG

    I am trying to flesh out a new project. My previous games have all been MMORPGs - in fact, the one I am working on was meant to be an MMORPG. Having set up the system and got it working, I realise that all this time I've never actually been making a game, I've just been faffing around with...
  12. Lord Vectra

    Can a game have too much lore-driven quests?

    I ask this because I sometimes hear the complaint of "[enter game name here] is too big." Let's assume that the lore is given to you perfectly; there is no lore dumping or any extremely vague lore. So, for example, in my current Project, World of Chaos, every quest usually has some quest and/or...
  13. Pluto Pluto

    Making a Certain Type of Quest With Gameus' Quest System

    Big apologies if this is in the wrong thread, and sorry I would ask on the thread of the plugin itself but it's pretty old and I thought resurrecting old threads was bad to do. Anyway, Does anyone know how to make a quest with gameus quest system where you kill a certain number of enemies? ie...
  14. billocity

    Quest Feature akin to FF Tactics, Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Hi, I want to introduce a feature in my game that will allow reserve characters to be sent on quests a la Final Fantasy Tactics and somewhat akin to Dragon Age: Inquisition, although it would involve playable characters rather than NPCs. My idea is that there would be a large cast of...
  15. Jxudo

    Whispers of Fate Announcement W/Demo (Now supports MAC)

    Update: Version 0.1.5. Is now available which also supports MAC OS X. You can download the new versions from the website. New additions include: Some updated dialogue.  A new fishing system. A new auto save system (not fully implemented). I've also hidden a "Mystic Stone" in the new...
  16. Canini

    Two small tricks to make the world seem more lively

    This is my first tutorial, aimed at beginners. If there are any way I can improve it, feel free to give me feedback below! :) Making the world and the character feel real is harder than it looks. Perhaps you have created your first short game, familiarized yourself with the rpgmaker engine...
  17. XIIIthHarbinger

    Count Down to the Apocalypse!

    Greetings gentle peoples of the interwebs, So I was working on my day & night cycle, as well as my weather system for my current game, both of which operate off an internal clock within the game. When it occurred to me the possibility of of quests being based upon the internal game clock...
  18. Phil32

    What is a good way to go about doing quests for someone with no programming experience?

    Hello, all. I'm wanting a quest system in my game that has it where you go to the central city's quest board, see what quests are being offered, accept which ones you'd like to complete, go to the place where the quest-giver is to get details, and then go about doing the quest, being able to use...
  19. BigToastie

    "Mystic Quest Line"

    Hi Guys, So I am creating a rather large Fantasy RPG. There is a main quest line, and optional quests, what I need your help with is if you would find this appealing in terms of a quest line. So in my game there are a specific set of 'people' called Mystics, they helped create and...
  20. Cerevire

    NPC Interaction

    I'm trying to run a quest type of thing for an npc.  Basically you walk up to the npc, they tell you to go run tasks.  once you complete those tasks youll be given a key item that should activate a different set of text and dialog for that npc but my question is how do I stop the player...

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