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    RMVXA Storybook Hero [Demo Available]

    SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS STORYLINE/PLOT FEATURES DOWNLOAD LINK A note from NKP The demo showcases more mechanics than it does the overall story. The story is pretty lacking at the moment as we have yet to decide key plot devices and key points of interest to include in...

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Me Being Dumb spending hrs trying to figure out Irenas Visual Novel busts plugin..lol. I'm probably missing something stupid and obvious xDD

let the journey begin >w>
X.X ok... I guess I'll just have to think about 48x48 a little differently. Its not "room for more work"..."its room for more detail!...yay"
Alexa, play Buck-Tick - Dress
Worst part about doing a plugin based on an existing system: figuring out the best way for developers to set up the data.
Right now, my free time is less when Covid 19 in my country.
Begin to reduce the number of daily infections to 0.

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