1. tale

    Fast Forward Animation in Battle [MZ]

    MPP_FastForwardAnimation.js - 2020/12/26 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Allows you to accelerate animations in battle. This plugin is for RPG Maker MZ. | Note: It's actually a battle speed-up plugin. ▼ Fast Forward Type 〇 long press - Press and hold the Ok or Shift...
  2. Nimbus

    [RPG Maker MZ] Quick Questions Thread

    Hey guys, as we're all exploring MZ and trying out the new features, I figure a lot of us might have quick questions on things like keyboard shortcuts, where old features have been moved to, etc. Usually stuff like that doesn't require its own thread so I thought it might be nice to consolidate...
  3. tale

    Quick Start Up [Preload images in System folder]

    MPP_QuickStartUp - 2018/05/11 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Preload images in System folder when you start the game Also faster game launch by not loading unused images Parameters- Load Weapons3? Whether to load weapon image Weapons3 for attack motion. Set to true if you...
  4. Milennin

    Quick Save / Load via plugin command

    I'm looking for a plugin with the following feature: -An option to save/load game to/from savestate1 using a plugin command. Thanks to anyone willing to make this.
  5. tale


    Torigoya_QuickSkill - 2017/05/02 (blog posted: 2015-10-29) Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview A skill that doesn't use up a turn and quickly attacks enemy. Features - Quick skill can be used without having the whole party complete their action. Notes: - It's meant for characters in your...
  6. Guispfilho

    Button Smashing

    Hi, I'm searching for a button smashing system outside battle that don't use the Atelier RGSS script for chain command: https://atelierrgss....ain-commands-m/ There's also "Thex Animated Power Bar & Button Masher", however I can't the neither the script or the demo...
  7. tale


    QuickMove - July 16, 2016 Creator name: krmbn0576 Overview A plugin that improves a character's movement behavior such as walk and jump. Features - Movement speed doubled - Flexible ON/OFF switch for dashing - Speeds up the jump speed License - Public Domain, credit is not necessary You can...
  8. Snowman Tileset Exterior Request [RM VX ACE]

    Hi, I'm kinda new to rpg maker and I'm making a game for my friends birthday. For that I need the snowman (shown in the rpg maker vx ace tileset 'Exterior' in the B section) as a character sprite. Is this possible? If yes, can someone do this for me? That'd be great! (Please say if I'm...
  9. No Quick option for skill formulas?

    I started trying to create my own skills. In RPG Maker VX Ace there was a "Quick" option underneath the formula box that made it easier to calculate damage. It would create the formula for you. This box seems to be missing in MV. Is it no longer an option? Will I have to write out all the...
  10. Tsukihime

    Warp Stone

    Warp Stone -Tsukihime This script allows you to create a warp point back to a particular map. It uses a common event that will make a script call to create a warp event. The common event can be called however you want, such as assigning it to items or skills. It is like Diablo's "town...

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