1. nathanlink169


    Hi all! I'm looking for a place in the code where I can put a "export debug file" piece of text. I have the code that would export the debug file, and it's just a matter of "where to put this". I'd like for the file to export when the user quits the game, either by going back to the main menu...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Can I force a script call while show text?

    So I have some very long VN-styled cut scenes that goes on for quite some time. It's more or less a parade of "ShowText" commands which tends to block all other input. Normally this is fine because JRPG conversations don't go on for that long, but in my game it doesn't work. I'd like to give the...
  3. Pine Towers

    Burn Out (or "When in doubt to continue")

    Hi guys! So, the topic today will be about burn out or when in doubt to continue. How do you react when the feeling of wasting time appears? Where do you grab yourself to? In the end objective? In what you already accomplished? Upon finding a game much close to yours, but "better", be it in...
  4. Riku_Masamune

    Quitting Funtion from End Game.scene *fixed*

    So, like with VX Ace (maybe prior to those too) in the Game End window there was a quit to windows. So I took the liberty of adding it in. It works! But the wording doesn't show up, but if anyone would like to help edit the files to where 'Quit' shows up, that'd be appreciated. RPG_Scenes...
  5. Dr. Delibird

    Save and Quit (ala borderlands)

    Pretty much the title. I am looking to recreate the save system from the borderlands series, specifically the save and quite function (though the load system would be a nice bonus :3) If more details are needed feel free to let me know! :D
  6. What made you quit a game(something about game)?

    Hi, so basically I want to look at the stuff people reply with to get more insight on other players to incorporate or take those thoughts/experiences into consideration when creating future games.  Perhaps others can use this information too. Here's are my experiences: There really are 2...
  7. Dr. Delibird

    Save and Quit

    I am trying to implement a save and quit function. The player would trigger an event that would cause an auto save (using Hudell's auto save plugin) to accomplish the save function which works all well and good. The problem at hand however is that I cannot find a way to have it then go to the...

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