1. Omarproductions

    RMMV Scoring System

    Hi guys, how are you doing? So I'm building a quiz game, and I would like to add a scoring system using a plugin to keep track of how many points the current player has. Basically, what I'm looking for is a plugin that will look at a in game variable and display it on screen when a call script...
  2. orangebirddave

    Randomizing answers in a quiz game?

    Hello! I recently got the idea to make a quiz game (much like some other users here before me) for vocabulary learning/studying. I've figured out how to randomize questions displayed using common events and such. However I can't figure out how to randomize the ANSWERS displayed while still...
  3. LordNPC

    Character Personality Quiz

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to do a personality quiz for RPG Maker MV. To clarify, I'm looking for something similar to the older Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, where you'd take a quiz at the start of the game and it'd determine what Pokemon you would become. I'm looking for...
  4. Can RPG Maker MV do this?

    Can it execute a Javascript call written in a text file? I have a situation where I need to write lines of text into a text file while in-game using a text input plugin. Then have the game read that text file in sections. I'm trying to make a Quiz in a text file while in-game. Then having the...
  5. Combat mechanic: quiz?

    Hey all; Completely new to RPG maker, and I don't own it yet. I'm wondering if I can make an rpg that has, in combat, a quiz mechanic. So for instance; Character attacks a monster; monster pops up a quiz "What is the first letter of the alphabet? A, B, C, D" If character chooses b/c/d, damage...
  6. HELP! Quiz Battle System

    Hello, I am using RPG Maker VX Ace and I wanted to know if I could change the battle system to be multiple choice questions much like this: I know I can do this with events but I am desperate to do this in the battle system, I need it almost exactly like the video above! Any plugins or...
  7. Quiz System

    Hello, Im new, I'm interested to know something e.e That someone asks you some questions and if you answer them correctly an event is activated, and the options are already set but any answer you choose activates the event.
  8. kazukazu

    Making random quiz

    Hi, I want to make a quiz section in my game. In that section there will be 5-10 questions. I want to make all the questions show randomly (by using random variables), but also I want to make it not repeatable. Because using only random variables, the question can be repeated. So, I need a...
  9. Tyranida

    Harry Pottor House Test

    In Harry Potter, there is a house test, that decides wich house you should go to. Now I am talking about Pottemore, really, not Harry Potter (The books/movies). I want to make the same thing, just a little different. Does anybody know about a script that creates a test like this, or how to do it...
  10. skerry801

    Quiz-based battle system?

    I'd like to start a language learning project that uses quiz based battles, with damage resulting from correct answers. According to the guy who made this quiz video, it's possible. However, I'm not very familiar with battle setup or RGSS. I'm not worried about making it super complicated, but...
  11. FCU777

    Quiz Script for Ace?

    I want to add a quiz scene to my game and I stumbled on this: http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=55326 But it only works on VX and not Ace. Is there a quiz script that is compatible with VX Ace?

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