1. Kato-A

    RMMV Rainbow city [DEMO INSIDE]

    FB PAGE ITCH PAGE Genre: Adventure, science fiction, mystery, suspense Story The seven colors of the rainbow live in a city governed by a being called White. But the colors are so different sometimes don't get along very well and is Blue (the most serene and rational color) that...
  2. midnight1443

    Snake Sprites Rainbow/Black

    I made sure they worked. They're all the same size and design, I just changed the color to make them look different. Free to use! Happy gaming! -Max
  3. Rainbow Jello

    RTP Custom Side View Battler Guns

    Here are some various guns I made using the default color palette for pistols. I think they turned out pretty neat. Credit Rainbow Jello and Enterbrain if you use them.
  4. North_Star

    How to add rainbow effects to your lighting layer when parallax mapping

    How to add rainbow effects to your lighting layer when parallax mapping Hey guys, Here is a quick tutorial on how to add a rainbow effect to your lighting layer in your parallax maps. The tilesets i used for my map were made by: PandaMaru, Celiana and some default sets supplied with RPG...
  5. EpicKitty88

    Rainbow Caves: Violet

    Attached is a picture of one of my Rainbow Caves. In Kitty's Quest, one of my RPGXP games, an anthro named Kitty travels to several different world the find the gems that will save her cats from being hunted by a pack of wolves called the Skylights. The land of the Rainbow Guardians is one of...

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The presentation pictures for FSM Castle Tiles are really bad, there is so much more content in this DLC than they show. Great DLC.^^
Anyone know/remember Mummy's Tomb / Crystals of Zong for C64? Trying to recreate it for One Map Challenge. Fun. And ... er ... challenging!

Listen.. I er... caught the live stream. :LZSwink:
The MZ first look stream was quite good. Looks like we get a lot of generator parts right off the bat this time around. Lots of cool clothes, helmets, facial marks, etc. Looking forward to playing around with it. :)
Any tips on how to share resources in here? Should I upload them in a image hosting site or Google Drive?

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