1. Rycharde

    Found Ralph crossdressing as a maid...

    Found Ralph cross-dressing as a maid and I'm in search of a portrait/bust. Anyone know if this exists and where I can find it? Have a wonderful idea for the game I'm in the design face. Thanx.
  2. GethN7

    Anyone ever made a game where Ralph is the villain?

    I recently tried out the Harold VS PAX East sample game and while it was pretty funny with Harold fanboying hard over Ralph, it made me wonder, anyone ever think about making a game where Ralph is the villain? He's the poster boy of VX Ace and to some extent RPG Maker itself, so has anyone...
  3. Zede_

    A Drawing of Ralph (Trying RTP Style?)

    This drawing is my first try at doing art in the RTP style(?). I realize I made the totally unprofessional mistakes of cutting off one of the arms and making one arm look different from the other, but it wasn't until I was almost done that I noticed them. The drawing took me about two and a half...
  4. ThatChillingLittleKiddo

    Ralph leaves the game but comes back later I want to show Ulrika in Ralph's place on Main Menu?

    I have my main character (Ralph) but he leaves the game for a bit and you don't see him until later, I want (Ulrika) to be the main character now but it still shows Ralph as main character and Ulrika is still second then Bennet and Ylva are third and fourth which is fine how do I get rid of...
  5. mlogan


    Story Showdown is a story centered around Ulrika and her relationships with Ralph and Dalph. As a teen, Ulrika was discovered wandering in the desert. She has no memories of the events that brought her to the desert, only that she woke up being cared for by a man in a dark, hooded robe. She...
  6. ChaoticLapras

    Original Ralph Description?

    I'm making a Ralph game in VX Ace. I can't find his original description anywhere online! You know, like Eric is A veteran warrior who fought on many battlefields. He becomes uncontrollable in battle when berserk. Can anyone tell me the Ralph one?
  7. Alkorri

    Who is Ralph?

    Alright, I'm probably opening a can of worms but I'm finally asking: Who is Ralph? And why on earth is he so popular? As someone who has never bought the earlier RPG Makers, I feel like I'm missing something. I've Google searched for Ralph, tried to read wikis about him, even searched for his...
  8. KD Games

    Icons Request - Existing Actor Icons

    Hey everyone, KD needs some help again! This one's for the older RMers (GrandmaDeb will know for sure >.>) A few years ago, in the VX days, I stumbled across some Icons. These were no ordinary icons... no. The Icons resembled the default VX actor's Armor, Hair, Helms, etc. An example is...
  9. Archeia

    ReStaff July 2013

    Welcome everyone to the July 2013 ReStaff Release! This month is pretty good as well with all the music! Thanks to our lovely Guest Contributors and ReStaffers, for making this month a success! Information about Commercial usage can be found here. If you want to be a Guest Contributor, go...
  10. Ralph

    Pixel Madness 2013 Brackets


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