1. ramza

    RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    Greetings folks. Ramza here, and I am opening a thread devoted solely to tech support for my plugin suite. I have released several plugins in the past, and each originally had their own release topics on the forum. I feel now that I have enough plugins to warrant a megathread support topic...
  2. ramza

    Ramza's State Workshop (current states: 1 LATEST: Block Chance)

    Welcome, one and all. In this topic I will be periodically posting some lunatic state codes I've been working on. Feel free to use them in your own projects, modify them as you see fit, and post suggestions for new states or ideas you might like to see. The plan will be to release a new state...

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I really lack discipline and find myself far too often giving into or at least seriously considering the temptation to start a new project rather than following through on a WIP that's no longer a shiny and new idea.

Does anyone have any strategies or tricks for making themselves follow through with things instead of doing this? Like that actually work?
I'm starting the "Switches lesson" on Learn MV today, what would you like to learn about them?

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